What Your CRM Data May Not Be Telling You

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems have the ability to collect massive amounts of data to improve customer service and communication. However, CRMs were not built to be nimble. Times change, and technology indeed changes a lot of human experiences. Applying artificial intelligence (AI) to CRMs can make personalization more efficient and effective for both the customer and business. Though not every business is embracing new technologies like AI to get the most of their CRM programs. CRMs will continue to collect data for you, but without adapting to current times, there are a few things your CRM program might not be telling you.

  1. Siloed data is STILL an issue.
  2. More content is NOT better.
  3. Not everyone uses technology the same way.
  4. Listening, not talking, is the most important step in understanding data needs.

CRMs need to always pay attention to their customers to remain effective. Innovating technologies such as AI with CRMs can be even more powerful.


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