Should You Buy CRM Stock?

Data is considered digital gold to organizations. From the Internet of Things to artificial intelligence, everyone is looking for ways to store and share data. For that reason, should we consider grabbing stocks from data collection systems like Customer Relationship Management (CRM)? CRM stock has had quite a year with its share price increasing from $90 per share to more than $140. With CRM stock trading at all-time highs, investors wonder if it is a good risk to take. Here are 3 pros and 3 cons of buying CRM stock now.


  • Big Expectations
  • Eye on the Future
  • Pure Security as a Service (SaaS) Play


  • Playing Catch-up
  • Security
  • Valuation

CRM Stock has been performing at an optimal level over the past year and the momentum is likely to continue. However, investors should proceed with caution because of CRM’s lofty valuation. A tactical strategy could be to wait for a pullback to gain a better entry point at the stock.


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