7 tips for managing complex legal information with technology

No one would ever put legal and tech industry in the same respect, but almost every industry can and should evolve in the digital age. As clients’ needs – and their focus on efficiency and results – evolve, the legal industry must continually innovate and push the boundaries of law and technology. By integrating technology to solve complex legal issues, lawyers can gain a competitive edge. In 2016, Bricker & Eckler’s litigation support team developed a highly-customized technology solution for a client’s interstate natural gas pipeline project. It won multiple legal technology awards and has received international recognition in the technology arena. With the success of LandTracker, here are some tips on integrating technology into your legal practice.

  1. Move past linear thinking
  2. Focus on the client
  3. Cost allocation
  4. Build a team
  5. Don’t reinvent the wheel
  6. Train and educate
  7. Recycle

Modern lawyering can benefit from cutting edge technology solutions, proving that any industry can jump on the digital bandwagon.

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