10 Ways to Avoid ERP Implementation Failures

In today’s business world, many companies are aware that they need to adopt digital technologies like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) programs to stay competitive in the market, but the fear of failure holds them back. Cloud ERP software companies need to educate their customers about the value of cloud ERP, meaning they need to teach both the benefits and the struggles. Below are 10 tips for those thinking about implementing an ERP system as part of their digital transformation.

  1. Selecting the right partner
  2. Selecting the right product
  3. Long-Term Planning
  4. Change Management
  5. Bureaucracy
  6. Establish Roadmaps and Delegate Responsibility
  7. Business Processes
  8. Forgetting about the Data
  9. Underestimating the Need for Training
  10. The Importance of Aftercare

ERP implementation is an ongoing process. Choose a software vendor worth your time and money, and will be with you throughout the implementation and after.

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