Is Amazon Go a model for retail of the future?

It was an exciting time for Amazon customers as the much anticipated “Amazon Go” store finally opened its doors on January 22, 2018, at the company’s headquarters. The cashier-less and register-less grocery store only requires shoppers to have the Amazon Go app installed on their android or iOS devices, and they are on their way to a quick and easy shopping experience. With the overload of technology within the walls of the store, customers can grab anything off the shelf and walk right out, instantly charging what they bought to their accounts via the mobile app, making for a hassle free, quick , and convenient experience. So is this the next direction for retail technology? Brent Franson, CEO of Euclid, leading data platform for offline attribution and store visit re-targeting, weighs in the pros and cons. Franson gives credit to Amazon for developing a complete technology run store. Still, this model will not work for all retailers. While the idea of an easier and faster shopping experience will appeal to customers, some will still want the social connection made with sales associates. Stores servicing a variety of products and services depend on their employees to ensure customer satisfaction. Imagine needing to get a price check or check inventory at Target, or wanting an opinion as to which laptop to buy at Best Buy, and there’s no red or blue shirted employee around. That would be a nightmare. On the other hand, Franson notes, simple grab and go convenience stores and mini marts like 7-Eleven might profit from this technology. Those types of establishments have the get in/get out mentality of their customers, wanting to buy a product as quickly as possible. With a huge step in retail technology, now is the time to test out the waters in retail evolution, because this digital world will only move faster.


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