The Top 5 Restaurant Technology Trends for 2017

The restaurant industry has has been quickly adapting to the use of technology in the workplace, however the industry has to be careful not to let technology interface with personal service. These are the top 5 restaurant technology trends according to the latest industry research.

  1. Technology that reduces food waste and increases revenue – Systems like the cloud track your usage and sales history so that it can figure out how much of something it needs to order at what time.
  2. Technology that simplifies complex loyalty programs – Technology that implements Point-of-Service (POS) systems into the customer’s smartphone, making it easy for them to check for their rewards anytime and anywhere.
  3. Technology that improves your guest data  – This technology will get to know your regulars and track their regular meal, drink, and seat preference so that you can keep them coming back.
  4. Technology that informs customers of their meal order delivery status – reduce the customer’s frustration by giving them automatic updates on their meal while in progress.
  5. Technology that allows guests to split and pay bills at the table – Devices allow guests to view and split the bill at the table with little hassle.

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