The secret to cloud security: elasticity

With more and more healthcare organizations moving to the cloud, the inevitable question of security arises. With costly investments and time in building a robust infrastructure, healthcare organizations are still adamant in moving all their data to the cloud. Donald Meyer, head of marketing, data center and cloud security at Check Point Software Technologies, a cybersecurity technology and consulting firm, suggests “when thinking about protecting cloud assets from ransomware and other threats, security professionals must be cognizant of how security is built for physical networks and who is responsible for what in a cloud setting.” The techonology protecting the cloud must be designed specifically with the cloud in mind,  something that can be overlooked as healthcare executives get increasingly comfortable with security systems for physical networks. Meyers adds, “To work with the cloud, the technology has to be designed to be as dynamic and elastic and automatic as the cloud,” Meyer said. With new additions to cloud security everyday, having a security protocol that adapts to every environment is crucial to cloud data security.


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