Cleveland Medical Devices Selects Infor to Streamline Data Exchange across Products

Infor announced their collaboration with Cleveland Medical Devices, Inc. (CleveMed).  The leading provider of home sleep apnea testing (HSAT) solutions, CleveMed plans to employ Infor Cloverleaf® Integration Suite to capitalize Infor’s speed and development, and make integration of their products as seamless as possible for healthcare organizations. “One of the most important trends in Healthcare today is the movement of care and monitoring into the community and closer to the patient via remote medical devices and mobile applications,” said Mark Weber, senior vice president, Infor Healthcare. “For this to work well, we also need to efficiently return that data to the healthcare enterprise, securely and at scale.” By imbedding Infor Cloverleaf into its product, CleveMed can utilize like-to-like coupling, their Cloverleaf system to the Cloverleaf system at a healthcare facility, to speed on-boarding and adoption, which can result in greater satisfaction and lower implementation costs. “Our company’s goal has always been to expand the reach of sleep medicine with technologies that speed diagnosis for providers, reduce healthcare costs for payers, and improve patients’ experiences in the home,” said Sarah Weimer, director, Sleep Services and Products, CleveMed. “Infor’s greatest advantage in the market is its customer footprint and reputation, which provides a tremendous advantage for CleveMed to grow our business globally.”


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