10 Tips for when shopping for an ERP System

For most businesses today Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is likely the most important piece of technology that’ll make a part of how one runs their business. However, choosing the right ERP isn’t a simple task. Here’s a few questions to ask about your business to help you pick the right one.

  1. Does the software appeal to today’s workers?
  2. Is the software easy and efficient to modify and maintain?
  3. Does the software enable modular implementation?
  4. Can the software be implemented as a global, single-instance application?
  5. Is there a non-disruptive upgrade capability available?
  6. Can the software be extended as business demands change?
  7. Does the software provide different deployment options?
  8. Can you, as the customer, influence product development?
  9. Does the vendor’s R&D organisation include a workspace to drive disruptive innovation?
  10. Are you offered references to customers using the evaluated software package?

Being able to answer these questions in regards to how it will greatly effect your business will lead you to better deciding which ERP is best for your company.

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