The Cloud Holds the Answer to Business Optimization

Customer demands are changing, the market is evolving, and product innovation is faster than ever. The total output of U.S. manufacturing has increased by more than 250% in the past 25 years, and is expected to continue. Mark Humphlett, Director of Industry and Solution Strategy, Infor, shares key reasons for manufactures to take advantage of the cloud to increase business optimization.

  • End-to-End Visibility – A network of vendors, suppliers and partners supported by Cloud deployment’s flexible architecture allows manufacturers increased visibility to every step of the supply chain process.
  • Increased Flexibility – Companies that can adjust to market shifts will avoid decreased speed-to-market and inventory shortages.
  • Inter-operable Functionality – Cloud solutions provide manufacturers with always-modern functionality needed to remain competitive, and also manage forecasting, demand planning, tracking and traceability within one uniformed platform.

Cloud technology can provide manufacturers with the always-modern functionality and flexibility they need to react to the ever-changing market conditions, cut costs, and use data-rich analytics to strengthen customer relationships and better manage their businesses.


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