Top 10 healthcare technology advances for 2017

Leader’s in research, planners, engineers, specialist, and consultants constructed this list of the top 10 most influential topics of healthcare technology advances that are going to make way in 2017.

1. Liquid biopsies
2. Genetic testing and biosensor for opioid addiction
3. Abdominal surgery initiative
4. Horizon scanners
5. Artificial Intelligence(AI)
6. Ultraviolet-C LEDs for disinfection.
7. Robotic Surgery
8. Florescent Endoscopic Imaging
9. Immunotherapy and stem cell therapy for Crohn’s disease
10. Type 1 Diabetes Vaccines
All of these topics will not only support the improvement of patient care, but they wiwll also cut some of the operations’ cost in some instances. This will help contribute to the shift into the value-based care model.

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