7 cloud technology predictions for 2017

There’s no denial that cloud technology saw impressive growth in 2016. Companies like Amazon and Microsoft embraced the technology and saw increased sales. And there’s no sign of a slowdown. Below are seven predictions for cloud technology in 2017 from cloud market experts.

  1. When faced with a hardware refresh, more companies will turn to the cloud rather than new equipment.
  2. Cloud vendors with incomplete solutions will continue to form surprising alliances.
  3. CISOs will increasingly see cloud migration as a risk mitigation strategy.
  4. New Software as a Service (SaaS) will emerge to help people manage cloud-based resiliency.
  5. Machine learning will begin to enable the prediction of application downtime and duration.
  6. Cloud apps providers will build more native logging and audit features.
  7. Companies will continue to implement multi-cloud models.

Are your predictions on the list? What other predictions do you have?


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