Infor Announces Demand+ to Help Accelerate Supply Chain Forecasting

Infor Demand+ is a new application that is designed to simplify and accelerate supply chain forecasting processes and leverage a modern intuitive planning experience. It offers pre-configured industry templates, enhanced functionality in demand analytics and weekly forecasting, as well as the use of the latest Infor technology including the user experience and the expectation of future software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings. Additional features include:

  • Consumer-Grade User Experience
  • Advanced Forecasting & Improved Accuracy
  • Pre-Configured Best Practice Template
  • Wide-Reaching Business Collaboration Capabilities
  • Performance Dashboards

“Staying on top of current supply and demand is a never ending cycle with manufacturers and distributors… Infor Demand+ helps our customers better forecast their future needs,” says John Bermudez, Infor VP Product Management.


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