Using Mobile and Cloud Technology to Attract the Best Employees

Many companies are starting to think about how to recruit Millennial employees. Millennials have grown up in a world where digital technology is an integral part of their personal and professional lives. To appeal to millennials, companies should consider the following:

  • A mobile-friendly work culture
  • A better sense of community among employees
  • Opportunities to work with new technologies

Millennials want real-time, convenience, and efficiency – something the cloud provides. In a recent IDG survey, 48% of organizations say they “use the cloud as part of a strategy to attract millennials.” Senior VP of Infor CloudSuite Lisa Pope adds, “combine the need to appeal to these digitally savvy millennials with the fact that 54% of baby boomers are looking for new jobs instead of retiring, and you’ve got at least two potential generations of workers to try to attract [and retain]!”


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