What does the CRM of 2020 look like?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in 2015 consists of content management, analytics, email integration, pipeline visualizations, and dashboards – all easily accessible in a user-friendly interface or mobile application. However, like with most business software, CRM is still behind with today’s technology. If CRM were to embrace the technology of the near future to create something customer-focused, the industry would skyrocket. CRM companies should consider the following innovations:


The CRM of 2020 could take the mobile concept a stage further with holograms, letting you see a full 360-degree view of a projection without using any special glasses or other fancy add-ons.

Augmented reality

Facial recognition from wearable devices could pull up customer information and give you a “play-by-play” so you’ll know everything about them before they speak.

Huge data

CRM programs need to consider availability of databases through things like wearables and other IT connected devices.

Virtual assistants

Incorporate a Siri, Cortona, or Google Now in your CRM program and your virtual assistant can do almost anything in your database.

Between smartphone holograms, augmented reality, so-called ‘huge’ data, and virtual assistants, the CRM of 2020 could lead the way in innovation for business apps that benefits the employee and the customer.

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