5 health IT trends set to shake up industry

Healthcare technology is fast becoming ever present in this industry that if you are still resistant to it, you’ll be left behind. There are 5 current trends going on in the healthcare industry:

  1. The Platform Revolution – The ubiquity of mobile and cloud platforms that have the ability to track in real-time a patient’s health.
  2. The Outcome Economy – Delivering results have never been so fast, convenient and accessible to patients, and it will only get better as technology develops.
  3. Intelligent Enterprise – Large amounts of data has gotten so big that about 41 percent of healthcare executives say the data volume their organization manages has increased by a whopping 50 percent just from a year ago.
  4. The Internet of Me – Healthcare organizations are investing in technologies that develop personalized medicine for each unique individual, and seeing positive results so far.
  5. Workforce Re-imagined – Think digital self-scheduling, sharing your own electronic medical record, training machines and connecting with physicians via social platforms.

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