How Apple, Qualcomm & Lawyers will Revolutionize Healthcare

Being a $3 trillion industry with the constant need for change, the opportunity for technology in healthcare is monumental.  Tech companies are constantly working to change the industry with new technologies that provide streams of personalized medical data to doctors and patients. But making this data readily available and able to be leveraged is still a pertinent challenge.

Releasing medical data will depend on the success of three forces: the convergence of consumer technology products such as the Apple watch and it’s many health apps, healthcare cloud services from companies such as the healthcare technology leader Qualcomm, and the enforcement from lawyers/legislative bodies that can replace our antiquated system of care with 21st century technology. Institutionalizing changes will take more than new technology, but the financial support through the government and external stakeholders. Although digital healthcare is still a vision of the future, the promise is real.  It starts and ends with data.

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