Why It’s Time for CRM to Evolve

In today’s digital world customer engagement is no longer just about the product or service a company delivers but delivering it in a trustworthy and personalized way. Companies must differentiate themselves through customer experience – from in-store, mobile, social, web presence, and more.

Organizations must align their customer relationship management (CRM) delivery to today’s customer and business demands; starting with a CRM strategy with defined objectives for how organizations want to engage with customers across multiple platforms and how they can set themselves apart in a unique way.

Evolved CRM should achieve these objectives:

  • Connect customers to the people who can get things done
  • Manage the complexity of the enterprise
  • Anticipate what’s right for customers, in real time, on every channel
  • Evolve as fast as customers do

To satisfy today’s consumer, businesses need to take a more holistic approach to their CRM, which will keep their customers happy and coming back for more.

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