Is the Cloud shaking up ERP?

While traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suites aren’t completely dated, we should expect to see see hybrid deployments that blend cloud apps and connected services with modular on-premises applications start to predominate. Companies that want to stay in the mix have no choice but to modernize their systems to compete with cloud computing.

There are 4 ways the cloud could change the ERP landscape:

  1. Cost –ERP isn’t cheap. You pay good money to keep your hardware infrastructure, integration, customization, implementation and support up to date. With the cloud, you turn the cost of the application into one low monthly fee, which includes the “whole package”.
  2. Speed to market – the cloud is quick and easy to configure for the needs of your business, meaning the implementation phase can be relatively shorter, opening up your time to work on process improvements.
  3. Agility and scalability – ERP systems are not as flexible as the cloud, and if your business changes in size, scope or focus, you might need to rip everything out and start all over again.
  4. Mobility and connectedness – The cloud makes it simple to give people secure access to business systems wherever they are, with a frictionless user experience.


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