Business application performance issues are becoming an increasing strain on IT departments

SolarWinds surveyed over 300 business application end-users across various sized UK companies finding that IT departments are feeling under pressure when it comes to maintaining app performance and availability. Ninety four percent of respondents said that application performance and availability affect their ability to do their job, 44 per cent claiming that these are “critical” factors. Additionally, one in five indicated that slow or unavailable applications meant a “significant” loss in financial terms for their organization.

Dependence on business applications is key, but end-user expectations are vital. When a performance issue occurs, users expect quick solutions.

Suaad Sait, executive vice president, products and markets, SolarWinds, observes that “it’s no longer just about if an application is working; it’s about that application working to end-user expectations. These survey results should be a wakeup call for IT Pros everywhere.”


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