What’s new in IPA (Infor Process Automation)


Infor Process Automation IPAWhat is IPA (or LPA Lawson Process Automation)

IPA is a tool that enables users to automate business processes. IPA is an umbrella term for two software components. Infor Process Designer and Process Server.
The Designer is a utility that allows users to graphically define a business process.
The process server allows a user to maintain processes and administration setup.

Main differences between PFI and IPA

  • IPA is built on Landmark
  • Designer is built on Eclipse (I know it’s the same in the latest version of PFI) “Same same but different”
  • Admin tool based on SmartOffice (Lawson Canvas) and it encopasses everything. A single app to rule them all.
  • Reduced footprint: Menu.do and RMI Server are gone, Java clients are now part of Smart Office, Event manager and scheduler are now part of Landmark.
  • Now works with a single data area at a time. In fact you have to specify your data source when you log in.
  • Process/Logs stored in database. You XML files are now .lpd files and they’re stored directly in the database not in pfrepository
  • Inbasket is now a part of Smart Office / Rich Client. Also in Ming.le and workspace.
  • A true debugger that allows you to set breakpoints, check variables, and move step by step through nodes