Users have many roles, which have many security classes, which in turn have many rules. If this sounds esoteric, Nogalis can clear up the confusion. Lawson Security 9.0 (LS9) is a powerful and flexible system for securing your Infor Lawson Applications and Environment and is the central location for setting up and administering security for all Lawson Portal-based products. Our team of Lawson Technology and Application Security specialists will partner with you throughout the implementation and transition process from planning to development to testing. We can assist you in installing your application as well as designing and customizing your security to help you secure your business processes. Additionally, our experts can help you avoid common mistakes, reduce costs and maximize the benefits of Lawson all while maintaining an emphasis on quality and best practices. By using our Infor Lawson Security Reporting Application (LSF_IQ), you can cut several hundred hours off your security implementation, annual audits and ongoing maintenance. If you have already implemented the suite, Nogalis can also help with Lawson Security administration, a Lawson Security audit, or Lawson Security reports.
What can you secure?

  • Online: Online Screens (e.g. HR11, PR13, GL00, PO20…)
  • Batch: Batch programs (e.g. PA100, HR211, PR198, GL190…)
  • Files: Database Tables
  • Elements and Element Groups
  • Data Source: The Productline
  • Securable Type (e.g. Form, Program, Table)

Nogalis’s Lawson Security Service Offering:

  • Migration from LAUA to LSF 9.0.1 or 10x Security
  • Single Sign –On
  • Security Planning
  • Review Security Requirements
  • Security Configuration
  • Security Testing
  • Security Reports
  • Security Training