Introducing LSFIQ For Lawson

Security Reporting in the Cloud in minutes

If you have ever worked in Lawson Security you know how difficult it can be to find the information you need. Ever try to figure out what screens a user has access to? How about figuring out which users have access to a certain token? What if I told you that all of that plus drill-around, auto complete, and real time search is now possible without having to install a single piece of software? Well you don’t have to take my word for it. We have prepared a demo site where you can test it out for yourself and be convinced in minutes.

Customer Review: “I love this tool! I like all the reports, the export feature, the drill-downs, the search. In fact I can’t think of any way to improve this right now! All I know is that we need this here ASAP!” – Trevor S.

This is our very first release of LSFIQ and I’m letting only 200 people on our email list know about this release. The first 20 clients to sign up will get a 90 day free trial and the rest will get a 30 day free trial period. There is no commitment at all and you don’t have to sign any agreements.

Customer Review: “I can’t believe how easy this is to use. Most of this information is not even possible to access in Lawson security.” – Sheila B.

I am very excited about LSFIQ. It’s the most comprehensive product we have ever worked on and the test group who has reviewed it has given it 5-Stars all around. I can’t wait for you to test it out and give me your feedback. There are two links below, one is to our demo site which you’re welcome to try, and the other is where you can sign up for your free trial. I have also included a demo video in case you’re too busy to try it out right now. But I promise it’s worth your time.

Live Demo Site

Live Demo Site: Username: demo Password: demo1234

Sign up for a 30 day Free Trial

Sign up for a 30 day Free Trial

LSF_IQ Demo Video

Demo Video