Infor and Made2Flow Launch Dedicated Sustainability Interface for Fashion Industry

Infor announced the availability of a dedicated interface between Made2Flow, a tech company specializing in analysis and validation of environmental data in the fashion industry, and Infor product lifecycle management (PLM). Per the press release, the interface will facilitate processing of data and full visibility for global fashion brands looking to increase transparency of the production supply chain. Most importantly, it will support traceability and impact measurement across tiers one to four. Additionally, the interface between Infor and Made2Flow will automate the necessary data flow and impact calculations. This is done through capturing data from the entire supply chain — from yarn suppliers and fabric companies to garment producers — and Infor’s interface with Made2Flow will facilitate meaningful, real-time insights from which to monitor, measure and analyze key, predefined metrics. Not only will this allow greater visibility of the wider context of the fashion lifecycle, it also will deliver the necessary collaboration to allow continuous measurement to meet targets and communicate effectively and transparently with stakeholders.


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Positive Pay File Creation (CB170)

Positive Pay File Creation (CB170) produces a flat file containing bank required payment information for issued, voided and stop paid payment transactions that have been processed since the last run of the CB170 for the cash code and transaction code.

NOTE: The first time the CB170 is run for a cash code, it will only report on open transactions.

The positive pay file is then sent to the bank to be used to confirm checks presented for payment have not been altered.

Since there are no standard file layouts, you will need to use an external mapping tool to reformat the file into the specific bank format. Use this procedure to define a positive pay file.

  1. Access Positive Pay File Creation (CB170)
  2. Consider the following fields.
    • Cash Code – Enter or select the cash code for which the report is being run. Enter or select one of Cash Code, Cash Code Group, or Cash Code List.
    • Cash Code Group – Enter or select the cash code group for which the report is being run. Enter or select one of Cash Code, Cash Code Group, or Cash Code List.
    • Cash Code List – Enter or select the cash code list for which the report is being run. Enter or select one of Cash Code, Cash Code Group, or Cash Code List.
    • Transaction Code – Enter or select the transaction code for which the report is being run.
    • Report Option – Select Full Detail or Summary print option.
    • Filename – Enter a name for the positive pay file. If this field is left blank, the report creates a file named CB170POSPAY.

Zofri Chooses Infor WMS as its Warehouse Management System

Infor recently announced that Zofri, Zona Franca de Iquique, will implement Infor WMS warehouse management system to improve customer service and supply chain automation. The Infor WMS solution will be deployed in the cloud, which is powered by AWS (Amazon Web Services), and will be implemented by Cerca Technology, Infor’s partner in Latin America.  Per the press release, Zofri is one of the most important centers of commerce and industry in South America and has more than 2,000 companies from various countries operating at its sites. As a leading logistics operator, Zofri needed a software tool that could help it better manage the flow of goods and improve customer service. They selected Infor WMS because it checked off many needs for their new ERP system including scalability, inventory management, and supply chain automation. The first phase of the project will see the company increase efficiency in its processes and improve response times to customers. Additionally, Infor WMS will help the company continue to develop its commercial competitiveness when offering services to companies in the Chilean market.


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