Updating Landmark Main Configuration Set After AD FS Implementation

After AD FS is implemented for your Landmark and LSF environments, Landmark will need to connect to the LSF server using the thick client URL and the user principal name of your admin account.  This means that all of your LSF connections will need to be updated in Rich Client, including the Infor Lawson Connection, File Activity Connection, System Command Connection, and Web Run Connection.  You will need to update the Web Root in each of these connections to the Thick Client URL, which is most likely your LSF server URL with port 1447 (i.e.  Check with your installer to verify the port.  The User will need to be updated to the UPN value, for instance

Thick Client Identity

When AD FS is configured for Lawson, there is also a “Thick Client” installed, which allows users to connect to client tools such as Microsoft Add-ins or Lawson Security Administrator. For users to be able to log into these tools, they must have a thick client identity set up in Lawson Security.  The thick client value will be the same as the ssop value.  Password isn’t used, so it can be set to anything.