When restoring an existing cloud user in Lawson security (that was previously disabled), you have to match the mingle IFS ID with the SSOP identity.


  1. Go to mingle >> User Management

  1. View a user and under details look for the IFS User GUID
  2. Go to your orgs Infor Security Service webpage and edit the users identity
  3. Under SSOP Identity, (delete existing one) and copy the IFS User GUID in step 2 in the user field.
  4. Type in any password in both fields and click Save



This should resolve the authentication error.


Here is a screenshot of the whole process (ISS on left, Mingle User Management on right):

Good luck!

In Lawson, to restore a user’s print files, copy them to their original locations so that they will be visible in the print manager.


The standard locations for print files are:

Example (UNIX):


Example (IBM i)


Example (Windows):



Once the files are copied to the correct directories, load them using loadrpts.

Running the command as follows will load all print files into the print manager for files existing in the standard print directories for all users where the file name in the directory ends with .prt:

loadrpts -s -p productline


To load reports for just one user from the standard print directory for files ending in .prt, use this syntax:

loadrpts -s -u username -p productline


Good luck!