How to find accounting information on PO lines

There are two places where GL distribution information resides. One is in MMDIST. If the item is a special item or not setup on IC12, then MMDIST is where you will find the GL distribution information.

Keep in mind that a PO line might have started as a requisition and the GL Distributions were added then. When you are looking for PO line distributions,  make sure you look for the document type of PO and specify the company and the document number that matches the PO you are looking for.


If the item is on IC12 it is either an inventory item or a non-stock item that is found at an IC location. All items that are setup on IC12 will have a GL Category assigned to them and that is where the GL distribution information can be found for these items. The key fields here are the Company – IC Location – Item. You will be able to find the GL distribution information for these items using these key fields on the GL Category table.


Changing Prices on Reqs and POs

Can’t Change Pricing on a Requisition or a PO?

There are settings in the Buyer (PO04) or Requestor (RQ04) setup.  It allows control over defaulting in pricing from any contracts or vendor agreements that you might have in place.  If you want a buyer or a requestor to be able to change the price on a PO or a Requisition, then consider the following changes:



At the bottom of the Main tab in PO04 – you can setup a buyer to allow unit cost overrides from different costs.  In this case, the user can’t override a cost that defaults in from a vendor agreement or Strategic Sourcing (Contracts).  However they can override the cost on a PO line item if it defaults in from the last PO or Last Cost (Invoice cost or adjusted cost).



At the bottom of the Main tab in RQ04 – you have similar options.  This user does not have the ability to override any cost that might default onto a requisition.