Nogalis Webinar: Everything you need to know about implementing ADFS (July 11th, 9 AM PST)

We have implemented ADFS for over a dozen Infor customers and have gained some great real-world experience with a few surprises along the way. Our ADFS implementation lead will share with you her experience and some of the surprises you might encounter as you implement ADFS. If you have already implemented ADFS, there are still a few nuggets of information we think you will find useful.

We use anymeeting for our webinars. The application sometimes asks you to install a plugin. In order to be ready on time. Please give yourself an additional 10 minutes before the webinar begins.

When: Thursday July 11, 2019

9:00 AM to 10:00 AM PST

This webinar is free to attend. Register Now

Best Way to Document Your Interfaces

Is documenting your interfaces challenging? Do you find yourself confused as to what you should focus on and how to best format things? Do you feel that the work you’re creating is not going to get used and you are not sure where to store it all? Join our webinar to get answers to all those questions and learn a new way to create accurate, valuable and well written documentation for your team. We’re going to cover a host of topics including:

  • How documentation of your interfaces will impact things
  • What you should include in your interface documentation
  • How to effectively create a document that has value to the organization
  • How to store your documents for best value, retention, correctness, and accountability
  • Q/A


VendorLaunch Vendor Self-Service Portal

As you might have heard, we’ve been working on a fully cloud-based, vendor self service solution for about a year now. We have worked with several customers to create a solution that is simple, intuitive, and brings instant value to any organization dealing with vendors and suppliers. Join us on Thursday June 6th (9am PST) as we do a walk-thru and a public Q&A. The webinar will feature the following modules and functionality:

  • Vendor OnBoarding
  • Vendor Check Requests and Invoice Submissions
  • Purchase Requests
  • Routing, Approvals, Document Management, Audit, Integration, and much more

Grav 1.6 Released

Grav is an open source flat-file CMS that we use for client documentation and server healthchecks. Since it requires no calls to a database and has baked in caching, page load speed is very fast and offers a simple search that will quickly search your content for matching strings. We chose Grav as we thought it would be an ideal solution for simple, static, searchable pages such as those used for flow documentation and healthchecks.

Recently, Grav 1.6 was released on 4/11/2019. It is being touted as their “biggest release since Grav 1.0” and there are many new features to potentially take advantage of. This latest update to Grav 1.6 requires upgrading PHP to 7.1.3+ (7.3+ is preferred for optimal performance) and also updates Admin Panel to v1.9 and Form/Login/Email plugins to v3.0.

Full article: (


Grav comes with a built-in command-line interface (CLI) which can be found at bin/grav

The simplest way to upgrade would be through CLI as upgrading through the admin panel could result in some error messages.

To upgrade to Grav 1.6 and update all plugins, open a terminal and once in the root directory of the Grav site use:

php bin/gpm self-upgrade (Windows) OR bin/gpm self-upgrade (Mac)

followed by

php bin/gpm update (Windows) OR bin/gpm update (Mac)



There is a new backups tab in the Tools section. This can integrate with the new scheduler to create scheduled backups. We now have the ability to create multiple backup profiles each with their own set of files. In our case, this will be useful for creating and keeping track of backups when updating documentation and healthchecks.



A new scheduler tab is in Tools section of the Admin panel. It allows for scheduling tasks such as cache clear, backups, synchronization, search indexing, etc.


This is a new CLI command that can be used to display Grav log entries. In addition, the logs are accessible from the new Logs tab in the Tools section of the Admin panel. This new tool should help us in the future with troubleshooting.


The Reports feature is accessible from a tab in the Tools section of the Admin panel. This section provides information to the site administrator on things such as configuration, server issues, and content issues and can help with troubleshooting.


One of the most important changes in Grav 1.6 was implemented on the asset manager. Previously, there was an issue with plugins that had their own CSS and JS assets in which the content was rendered in the order encountered and once rendered, could not be modified. The asset manager was rewritten as part of this update and basically solves this issue with custom plugin CSS and JS.

For complete details, please visit the Asset Manager documentation:

Another West Coast Mega Conference in the Books for Nogalis, Inc.

The Southern California, Arizona, Nevada Lawson User Group (SCANLUG) gathered together on Thursday March 21st and Friday March 22nd for their annual West Coast Mega Conference at the Pacific Life Center in Newport Beach, Ca. With about 100 guests and over a dozen vendors, the two-day event was jam-packed with 70 sessions to attend – covering topics from Infor Cloudsuite Financials to ADFS conversions. Nogalis hosted two sessions (Vendor On-Boarding Made Easy & Elevate your Interfaces with These Few Simple Ideas) with over a dozen attendees learning about the newest solutions we have to offer.

This year, Nogalis is rolling out a new solution for vendor management systems and the attendees of the WCMC were the first to view a demo of the vendor self-service portal. Of course, the Nogalis booth wouldn’t be complete without announcing some great giveaways. Those who attended either session were entered to win a pair of Los Angeles Lakers basketball tickets to the penultimate home game of their season at the Staples Center. Additionally, those who visited the Nogalis Booth and viewed demos were entered to win four (4) tickets the Los Angeles Angels Home Opener game of the 2019 baseball season. Nogalis brought back some oldies but goodies with promotional item giveaways such as lunch boxes, phone rings, and baseballs, as well as gave away soft leather notebooks and ballpoint pens.

As gold sponsors again, Nogalis hosted the evening  event on the 5th floor of the Pacific Life Center. The Santa Rosa Dining Hall and Reception Deck overlooked the beautiful sights of Newport Beach and gave attendees a feel of the sunny Southern California weather. 

Grav – A Modern Flat-File CMS

09Grav is an open source flat-file CMS that we have started experimenting with for client documentation. Since it requires no database, it is a simple and great alternative to providing documentation without using separate .doc files. The search feature is especially nice for when you want to search through all documentation.

Demo site for GRAV rtfm skeleton:


Here are some things we’ve learned along the way:

Installing Plugins:

Admin Panel and Editor are very important plugins to have.

Admin Panel creates an admin dashboard at URL sitename/admin. From here, you can install other plugins, edit pages, manage users, and change configuration settings.

Install by going to your GRAV root folder in a terminal and calling your php.exe with “bin/gpm install admin”

In our case, the php.exe used was within my xampp folder.

Editor is a very useful plugin that provides a “Edit” section in the admin sidebar that allows any authorized users to modify any PHP, Javascript, CSS, Twig, Markdown, and YAML files. This allows for easy editing of any file directly from the admin dashboard!


Install by going to your GRAV root folder in a terminal and calling your php.exe with “bin/gpm install editor”


To modify the css, access user/themes/learn2/css-compiled/theme.css

In this case, we modified the file to left align all my elements by changing the #chapter ID since my page files are This can be achieved by changing these four “center” properties to “left”

(Before) Center aligned:

(After) Left aligned:

Another case is when we modified sidebar font-size by modifying #sidebar ul.topics > li > a in css-compiled/theme.css

Sidebar Logo (top left):
To change the sidebar logo from default GRAV image, access user/themes/learn2/templates/partials/logo.html.twig

To change the admin sidebar logo from default GRAV image, access: user/plugins/admin/themes/grav/templates/partials/logo.html.twig

Replace what is in the file with the SVG code of the image. This was done by converting a PNG to SVG using

Example of what SVG looks like:


To modify the sidebar on the left, access user\themes\learn2\templates\partials\sidebar.html.twig
In this case, we wanted to remove the check marks indicating that we had visited that page along with the “Clear History” button on the bottom of the sidebar.

This can be done by removing the relevant lines in the file.

Where to keep your images
We ran into an issue where the images in the images folder would disappear upon caching. This was due to the images folder being in the wrong place. Even though there is a default “images” folder in the root folder, this is not the place to store your images.

Per the official Grav documentation, the images folder should be placed within user/pages:

Do not put images in here:

Instead put them in user/pages/images as depicted here:

On the pages themselves (.md files), link to the images by going up one folder and accessing the images folder with the format (..\images\imagename.png):


Be careful when using underscores (“_”) in the .md file
In markdown, surrounding a word with underscores will result in italicizing that word. This could become an issue since many files we deal with use underscores to separate timestamps from the file name.

Take this line for example:

Based on that code, we want the page to look like this:

Instead we get an unwanted italicized word and the removal of an underscore between CODE and RELATION:

The problem can be fixed by “escaping” the underscore by putting a backslash in front of it. Keep in mind that even if we were to escape the underscore between CODE and RELATION, the Markdown language would then try to find the next underscore and would italicize all words in between the underscores (marked in green).

This code:

Will use the underscores boxed in green to italicize all in between them (and removes the underscore in front of “configuration”):

To resolve this, make sure to escape all underscores:

Grav File Uploads

In admin panel, we can add users with these 2 permissions (admin.login and admin.pages):

This creates a user who can log into the admin panel and can edit pages.

When these users go to edit the pages, there is a section that allows media uploads.

“Edit page” page:

These users can also access the “edit page” page through the edit links on the site itself:

These are the files types supported by Grav:

(Although csv is not listed here, it was able to be added as a xml media type and verified to be working)

Once you upload the file and save the page, anyone who has access to this “edit page” page can download/view the file by clicking on the eye “View” icon:

The uploaded files go into the same directory as the markdown page itself.

Clicking the + “Insert” icon will insert the file in the page like so:

Which looks like this on the page:

Clicking it displays the file on the page for .txt, .pdf, .json and .csv. Downloads it immediately for .docx files (these are the 5 I tested):

Issue: When clicking the “View” eye icon for .txt files, there is an error regarding permissions. (It works fine when actually inserted into the page and clicked on from there)

Clearing Cache

CLI commands:
cd ~/webroot/my-grav-project

bin/grav clear-cache

Using Lawson and Big Data to Improve outcomes and reduce Employee Attrition

During this 50 minute webinar, hear from Big Data experts how your Lawson (and other data) can be used to improve outcomes and reduce employee attrition. The webinar will cover other big data related topics as well and there will be industry examples to suit all audiences. Some of the topics covered include:

What is Big Data?
    + How does it differ from BI?
    + How does it apply to your Lawson data?
    + What is possible? Examples and use cases
    + How and where to begin?


Copying Landmark Productline

Copying productlines in S3 is a breeze, but Landmark is a different story. There are several possible scenarios and a lot of things to consider. Join us for this one hour webinar and gain access to a free tool that will help the process.

Nogalis Webinar: Copying Landmark Productline (October 26th, 9 AM PST)

Copying productlines in S3 is a breeze, but Landmark is a different story. There are several possible scenarios and a lot of things to consider. Join us for this one hour webinar and gain access to a free tool that will help with the process.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Our webinars always fill up and we only have the capacity to host 200 attendees so sign up now!
  2. The time of the webinar is 9:00am PST. So please mind your time zone.
  3. Once you sign up, you can’t share the webinar link as each link allows for one unique session. So if you have colleagues who are interested in attending, please have them signup separately or else their session will kick you out.

We use anymeeting for our webinars. The application sometimes asks you to install a plugin. In order to be ready on time. Please give yourself an additional 10 minutes before the webinar begins.

When: Thursday October 26, 2017

               9:00 AM to 10:00 AM PST

This webinar is free to attend. Register Now