Join Nogalis Inc at the 13th Annual West Coast Mega Conference

The 13th Annual West Coast Mega Conference is coming up next month!

Join us Wednesday, April 8th – Thursday, April 9th, 2015

at the Pacific Life Insurance Company in Newport Beach, CA

Nogalis is once again a Gold Sponsor of the event!

Registration and Agenda coming soon…

AP Automation

Have you ever considered automating your accounts payable? Whether you’re looking into going paperless, reducing costs or headcount, creating automated process and approvals, or just get visibility into cash flow or take advantage of vendor discounts, this presentation will give you an overview of Why, How and What when it comes to AP Automation. We will also touch on Fraud and how you can capture a lot of ROI by automating AP and implementing some Fraud prevention techniques.

Upgrade to IPA Made Easy

Find out everything you need to know to upgrade from ProcessFlow to IPA (The Landmark Product). As you know IPA is now a Landmark product and if you upgrade to it now, you won’t have to do anything with it when you upgrade your applications to 10x. In fact you’ll be ahead of the curve because you already have Landmark installed. Join us and learn how you can take a big leap forward with an IPA upgrade today.

29 Tips for Implementing Lawson Security

Have you been taking your time and avoiding the switch to Lawson Security from LAUA? Tisk tisk. Well, fear not, in this 50 minute webinar you will learn all the best tips for implementing Lawson Security and avoiding major pitfalls. Whatever you do, don’t use a canned script that converts LAUA to Lawson Security; that would be like buying a jet and then driving it on the highway. When combined with our security webinar, this course should give you the tools you need to implement security on your own.

Nogalis Inc. Attends Midwest Lawson User Group Annual Conference

Midwest Lawson User Group (MWLUG) is a social gathering of specialists that come together with the purpose of exchanging knowledge with fellow IT and business professionals. Their annual conference was held at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota; attracting almost 300 attendees and 27 vendors with its elegant architecture and garden-like domain. The two-day event consisted of multiple workshops available that focused on Lawson solutions, including the Nogalis session. Nogalis had over 60 attendees at their workshop alone, accomplishing what no other vendor could by attracting twice as many attendees to their workshop.

Nogalis shared their expert knowledge by showcasing their own products regarding Lawson attachment screens and search query functions. Nogalis’ primary product included the attachment servlet. This attachment servlet has high benefits such as being upgrade friendly, attaching files, documents and images to any Lawson portal screen, single click attachment as well as no database needed and it also works with Lawson security. In addition to the attachment servlet was the TypeAhead function, which dramatically increases productivity and is available on all key fields through any screen; it also has contextual real-time search, google-like predictive record retrieval and eliminates the need to search or filter.

Although this information is essential, sitting through multiple IT informative sessions can be tiresome. Nogalis did a remarkable job of keeping an energetic and happy vibe environment by incorporating music as well as games and raffle tickets to Rod Stewart, Santana and the Minnesota Twins for those who wanted to interact with Nogalis. There were also several participants during these sessions that had previously attended Nogalis’ much talked-about ‘Infor 10x Upgrade Bootcamp’, which only added to the continued buzz and excitement that Nogalis is bringing to the industry.


ProcessFlow / IPA Differences

What’s new with IPA? Can you still use your old flows? What does the new designer do? Are there any amazing new features? We got all the answers for you. Join us for this great 45 minute differences session where we will go over all the major differences and introduce some of the new features of IPA.

Become a Lawson SQL genius in 50 minutes

Have you ever watched your DBA fly through Lawson data as if he had all the tables memorized and get you the exact dataset you wanted to see? Did it seem like magic? If you have always wanted to do that on your own then you have to join this free session. You will get all the tools of the trade and some very nifty sql you can stash away for that rainy day. If you don’t know SQL at all then be sure to attend the course above first. 

Data Access Basics and Intro To SQL

This course is intended to teach you the basics of SQL data queries and what you need to get started. If you don’t know SQL at all, think of this as a mandatory webinar for the Lawson SQL webinar later in the same day.

M3 Customization: A Tale Of Cost/Benefits

This is part one of a three part series that provides direction coupled with the experience necessary to streamline order processing and enhance customer service capabilities while laying a foundation that will not only reduce training requirements, order entry times and look up times but will also provide the basis for unparalleled Business Intelligence based predictive analysis.

Infor Lawson West Coast Mega Conference Courses

We had a great few days at the West Coast Mega Conference hosted at Pacific Life March 31-April 1 2014. If you attended our sessions you’ll remember that we promised you the material would be available for download online. We had two sessions during the conference. Below you’ll find the presentation files and some additional helpful files for your own DIY implementation.


1. Hassle Free Employee Self-Service User Maintenance: Focused on automating the user maintenance for the ESS/MSS process through ProcessFlow.

2. Attach anything to any Lawson screen: The quick, easy, and free tool you can use to attach documents, photos, and files to any Lawson record.

Note: To obtain a demo version of the attachment product or to inquire about the Type-Ahead product demo’d in the class, please contact us at 844-NOGALIS or use the form below to contact us:


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