Upcoming Events Fall 2020

Mark your calendars for these Fall virtual meetings in the Lawson User Community!


East Infor/Lawson Virtual Meeting

Hosted by: Infor Metropolitan Region Lawson User Group
When: Wednesday, October 28th, 2020 from 10:00 to 5:15 (US/Eastern)

Join us for our first ever Joint East Infor/Lawson User group meeting

Virtual Meeting – October 28, 2020, 10:00am – 5:15pm EST.

Did we mentioned it’s FREE for Infor Customers?! Over 35 LIVE sessions!

Registration closes on October 26th, 2020 (no exceptions) register today

Carolinas User Group
Florida User Group (FLUG)
Georgia Alabama User Group (GAUG)
Infor Canadian Exchange (ICE)
Keystone Users Group (KLUG)
Metropolitan Region User Group (MRLUG)
Mid-America User Group (LMAUG)
Mid-Atlantic User Group (MUG)
Mid-South User Group (MSUG)
Northeast User Group (NELUG)
Southeast MEGA User Group (SEMUG)

AGENDA AS OF 10/22/2020 HERE

Online Session registration will be required prior to event, see agenda.

Over 500 customers registered representing over 200 companies.

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Midwest Mega Meeting

Hosted by: Midwest Lawson User Group (MWLUG), Central Plains Infor User Group & Kansas/Missouri Lawson User Group
When: Thursday, November 12th, 2020 from 9:00 to 2:45 (US/Central)


Midwest Mega Meeting on November 12th.
The Midwest are combining for this exciting virtual event.

Hosted by the Board Members of the Central Plains, Kansas-Missouri, and Midwest User Groups.

Registration begins October 26, 2020.

View/Register Here

How to get a Lawson Profile ID in LID without access to Lawson Security Administrator

For whatever reason that you need a Lawson profile ID, below is a quick way to access it in LID.

  1. Login into LID and go to a temp directory you’re okay with dumping a file to.
  2. Run this command lsdump -f roledump.txt ROLE SuperAdminRole
  3. Go to the directory you dumped the file in and open roledump.txt in a text editor
  4. Search for ProfileID until you find the one you’re looking for

Chances are, SuperAdminRole is created with an admin class assigned to it. You can also view this file using LASHOW command without having to dump the file.

Good luck!

How to verify Lawson user AD identity through Windows powershell

A user in Lawson is unable to login to their account. Username or password is incorrect. Assuming your organization is using single sign-on through Active Directory, you can verify the user’s username via Windows powershell.

  1. Login into Lawson Security Administrator (or SCWeb Admin App). Locate the user and copy the username.
  2. Open powershell and check the user via this command: Get-ADuser -identity <username>
  3. If you receive this error: “Cannot find an object with identity”, the user is not setup in AD under that username.
  4. Check with the organizations IT team to verify the correct AD user (assuming you don’t have direct access).
  5. Once they send you that ID, check via powershell again and it should return this result:

How to fix bookmark add error in Lawson portal

If you’re trying to add new bookmarks in Lawson portal and receiving an add error, there might be an issue with your bookmark xml files.

To resolve this, follow the steps below:

  • Login into Lawson portal as an admin and run Rebuild Custom Form Index
  • Verify lo12.1.addchild.xml, lo12.1.addtop.xml, lo12.1.edit.xml are in the LAWDIR/persistdata/lawson/portal/content/forms directory
  • In portal go to Set Custom Forms Data Area
  • Click Find ‘lo’ to show data forms (switch “current data area” if they don’t show).
  • In the new data area select LOGAN and click Update. Run IOSCacheRefresh.


How to delete a recurring Journal Entry in Lawson

Though this is a fairly simple task, it typically requires higher access (sometimes temporary access as some organizations only want users deleting journal entries once or twice a month).

  1. Login to Lawson portal and go to GL70.1
  2. Enter the company and journal entry number, hit Inquire.
  3. Click the “New Entry” button
  4. This will take you to GL70.2 and contain the same company/entry number (if not, enter again and hit inquire).
  5. After inquiring again, hit Delete and confirm the journal entry has been deleted.


And you’re done!

APMONITOR not found or accessible

You may need to access APMONITOR for a failed job etc. Its usually as simple as searching APMONITOR in Lawson Portal. Often times its not setup in Lawson security and needs to be added.

  1. In Lawson security, go to the class you want to add APMONITOR to.
  2. Add a new rule and go under Online system code AP and search for token QAPM, grant all access.
  3. Clear server cache and log back into Lawson, search APMONITOR and your user should now be able to access it.

NOTE: As of March 2016, patch (CTP104021, JT-751224) has changed the token for APMONITOR to AP94.

How to Improve Operational Efficiency During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Many organizations have experienced various difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Whether they are short-staffed due to furloughs or staff in mandatory quarantine, or searching for ways to be more productive while employees are working at home, this may be an opportunity to address some operational inefficiencies within the organization.  Here are some things to consider:

  • Manual processes: All software applications promise automation but few organizations ever achieve the goal.  Infor Process Automation (IPA) offers a workflow-based solution to automate nearly any process in Lawson.  You can use your own business logic to build a process that can do everything from onboarding automation to payroll automation.  This can be a great time and cost saver.
  • Process improvement: In addition to eliminating manual processes, there are also ways to use Lawson more effectively to improve efficiency. Your functional users and support staff cannot be expected to understand every aspect of the software and how to optimize processes within the application.  Hiring a managed services partner that knows and understands the application will be an investment in your future.  Once you can optimize your processes, you will free up time for employees to be more productive.  The initial time and cost will be minimal compared to the eventual benefit.
  • Empowering employees: Many employees have gone from doing 100% of their work in an office setting, to doing 100% of their work at home.  There are many solutions for allowing employees to connect to your network and do their work.  Since Lawson is web-based, it is a prime candidate for providing access externally over the internet.  To maintain a secure application, it would be best to configure Lawson to authenticate using with a secure method such as AD FS, and to implement multi-factor authentication.
  • Managed Services: A good Managed Service firm can help you administer Lawson and other Infor products, and even provide functional assistance, at the fraction of the cost of an FTE.  If you find that your organization is short-staffed during this period, it might be the perfect time to try a Managed Services model.

Lawson Managed Service

For more information about how Nogalis could help your organization save money (including process improvement and managed services), contact us any time.

Lawson APINVOICE database table contains usernames instead of NTIDs

You’re being audited or want to review previous invoices and you notice that usernames were being stored in the APINVOICE database table. Usernames of employees that no longer work for your organization or may have had a name change, thus not matching up their NTIDs found in your listusermap. This makes it near impossible to hold previous and existing employees accountable for older invoices.

To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Download and apply patch CTP-121954 from Infor Concierge cloud portal.
  2. A new token AP900 is added to Lawson Security. Add this token access to an existing class/role.
  3. Login to Lawson Portal, go to AP900, add a new job for each company your organization has.
  4. Backup the APINVOICE table.
  5. Submit the AP900 Job, this job can take anywhere from minutes to hours to complete.
  6. Verify all usernames have been converted to NTIDs.


Cannot Delete, Requisition is Awaiting Approval

Often users submit a requisition in Lawson and later find an error in the order and need to re-submit. When trying to delete via RQ10, they get the error “Cannot delete, requisition is awaiting approval.” Luckily this is an easy fix.

  1. Go to RQ13 and inquire on the company and requisition number. Then click Unrelease and confirmed it released.
  2. Go back to RQ10.1 and inquire on the same requisition. You’ll now see that its status is “Unreleased”. Now press Delete.

Done! Now go ahead and resubmit a new requisition with corrections.

Lawson Add-ins is Not Working, Here’s What to Check For

If your Lawson Add-ins is not working, check the following:

  1. Check the versioning of Excel, if you’re using 2010 or 2016, the MOA installer will vary.
    • For MOA installer versions, you can research this on and or search the downloads section within Infor concierge website.
  2. If add-ins is not working after installing, go to Excel options and check for “Disabled Application Add-ins”
  3. If Add-ins is disabled here, under Managed, select Disabled Items >> Go
  4. Access COM Add-ins and make sure Lawson MOA is enabled:


That’s it! Steps 2 through 4 are examples of Lawson Add-ins in Excel 2010.