Lawson Portal – Getting Started as a New User

When first using Lawson portal, it can be a bit overwhelming with all the buttons and unfamiliar UI. The first change I always make is changing the buttons to display text instead of icons.


First go to Preferences >> User Options


Under “Toolbar Button Display” select Text >> Apply and OK

Once you’ve applied the changes, your icons will change from this:

To this:

This is especially helpful for users with higher tier access as you don’t want to accidentally click delete or change a form when you didn’t mean to!


Hope this simple tip was helpful!

Lawson Portal Helpful User Guide

Over the years I’ve assisted users debug issues in Lawson portal.  Through this time, I’ve noticed a pattern of users not utilizing fundamental functions of portal.  I’ll share to you a few of them today.


New Tab Button:

Instead of using up more of your PC’s memory, Lawson has its own tab system that users often miss. This will let you switch between multiple forms faster and easier as shown below:


Search box keywords:

 You might be used to typing in form numbers as shown below, but did you know you can type in keywords as well?

Don’t know a form name to General Ledger? Type in the word General Ledger and click search:

This is great for newer and veteran users taking on newer tasks.


Form Help:

Finally, if you want to get more information about the form you’re currently using. Go to the form and click Help >> Form Help.


Hope these tips helped you in your journey in mastering Lawson Portal.

Resolving “Cannot run this program while GL 190 is running” error when trying to release journal entries in GL40.1

You may run into this error at some point in GL40.1:

Fortunately, there’s an easy fix to this. First login to Lawson portal and search GLMONITOR:

In GLMONITOR, type “GL190” and select Inquire. If you get results and notice the run time, the process is in fact still running and causing the issue with GL40:

Go to job scheduler by opening LID and typing in jobschd >> F7 + A to select all users >> Then W to go to waiting screen.

Look for any GL190 jobs running and verify the User Name is the same one in GLMONITOR when inquiring on GL190 program. Check the error and if its safe to recover, recover it and let the job complete.

Go back to GLMonitor and inquire on GL190 to verify the job is no longer running:

Go to GL40.1 and release your Journal Entries. This should solve the error. Good luck!

Creating a better Employee Self-Service Screen in v10

Many v10 Employee Self-Service (ESS) users don’t particularly like the bookmarks bar compared to v9.

A simple fix for this is to make simple modifications to the ESS portal role.

To make this portal role truly a employee self-service screen, limit it further as shown below:

Make sure you also set your product line in options and enable it.  Here are the option settings we use:

Once done, this is what your ESS only users will see:

There is much more to play with here and it is not limited to ESS only, but this is a simple modification.  Enjoy!

How to Implement SSL for Lawson Portal


If you haven’t already done so, implementing SSL after the install is a bit of a black art. Without going into gory detail, here’s a very simple set of steps to follow:

  1. On the LSF server turn off all the services related to lawson aside from ADLDS
  2. Import your new certificate (preferably a wildcard cert) into windows as a personal cert
  3. Create a binding within IIS using the imported certificate on port 443
  4. Load up  your favorite ldap editing tool. We prefer this one.
  5. Under O=lwsnrmdata -> OU=resources you’ll find all your users and services. You’ll want to edit the following identities (or more if you have other service URLs):
    • BPM
    • IOS
    • IOSAdmin
    • LSAdmin
    • mingle
    • mingle_env
    • SSO
    • SSOP
    • Environment
  6. In each of the cases above you’re going to modify the Service URL and any other http protocol. You’ll also want to change the PROTOASSERT attribute from “Use HTTP only” to “Use HTTPS always”.
  7. Then change every relevant entry in %LAWDIR%/system/install.cfg that refers to http, protoassert, or the secure ports. They’re relatively easy to find.
  8. You can now reboot the LSF server and restart your services.
  9. If you have Landmark installed, then bring up the rich client
  10. In the GEN productline, navigate to: “Security System management” > Services
  11. Change every service to HTTPS_ONLY and change the service properties to HTTP Port=-1 and HTTPS Port=443
  12. Change all the relevant entries in system/install.cfg
  13. Reboot the Landmark server
  14. Run all the smoke tests with updated URL to verify everything is working
  15. If you are using inbaskets you’ll want to import your certificates into Websphere as well but that’s a topic for another article