Using jobdef to distribute job files in Lawson

In LID, type in jobdef, select a user and job name, then F6 >> B. Report Distribution

As you can see, this job isn’t being distributed beyond the prt file that is produced in the users print manager:

You have three options to None, direct to a printer, or to a distribution group:

If we use a distribution group, a distribution group consists of a list of users which can all have different printers setup under them within this group:

The printer itself has to be defined in printer definitions (prtdef) as well as setting up in the distribution list group definitions (dstlistgrpdef)


In this example, if the job definition (jobdef) was set to BENEFIT distribution group and ran, it would auto print to PRINTER123 under the lawson user.  All other users are not set so it wouldn’t print to them. That’s all there is to it!


How to delete a Lawson Users jobs more efficiently

You may be used to deleting users jobs through jobdef.


This works, though you must select each job individually and press delete. So it’s not very efficient.

A better way do to this is jobinq

In lid >> jobinq <DOMAIN\UserName>

This will open up a window listing all the jobs of the user:


Now you can select multiple jobs with the HOME key:


If you want to select ALL jobs and delete them, select first job with HOME key.


Scroll all the way to the bottom of the job list and press END key on the very last Job and press F9 to delete:


Done. Good luck!

Copy User Jobs/Reports to Another User

This scenario may be familiar for you if you’ve been living in the Lawson world.

Let’s say Sarah got promoted or transferred to a new position. The first thing we do is assign Sarah her new security access, but all the Lawson jobs/reports that she used to run no longer pertain to her new position. Rather, Sarah needs a new set of jobs to run and instead of creating them one by one from another user in her new department, we can simply copy them over from another user.


By the name of the command, you may think we are deleting users, but nope, there is a hidden gem inside.

First, lets login to LID and then type the delusers command and press enter

Copy User Jobs Reports to Another User_1

You’ll now see a list of your users >> Press F8

Copy User Jobs Reports to Another User_2

You’ll now be able to Copy reports and jobs:

Copy User Jobs Reports to Another User_3

Make sure you select “Yes” for Reports and/or Jobs.

Any existing jobs/reports that have the same name from the user you’re copying from will be prompted to rename the jobs/report before continuing.

Enjoy your new jobs/reports!