Infor and Nippon Systemware Forge Alliance to Market Infor CloudSuite Industrial ERP for Japan’s Manufacturing Industry

Infor CloudSuite Industrial, Infor’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) package for the manufacturing industry, inked a new partner agreement to help Nippon Systemware’s (NSW) Japanese customers accelerate their digital journey. This partnership will enable both Infor and NSW to provide even higher value-added solutions that span both the engineering chain and supply chain. Per the press release, NSW has a long history of achievement and expertise across the engineering chain, managing data related to design and manufacturing in the manufacturing industry. Infor and NSW will continue collaborating in the areas of Infor CloudSuite Industrial and other solutions for the manufacturing industry as both parties help build core business solutions that support digital transformation for customers.


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Infor Turns High Touch into High Tech with New Contactless Applications for Hospitality

Infor recently revealed a fully contactless suite of applications for the hospitality industry, specifically designed for hotels and resorts, casinos and gaming, restaurants and food services, and event sales and table reservations. Infor Hospitality Cloud Solutions are designed to address hotel operational needs for social distancing and contactless processes – including mobile check-in/check-out, digital keys, and the ability to order room service via one’s own device. This is especially essential because of the current pandemic. Per the press release, Infor Hospitality Management Solution (HMS), Infor HMS Online Check In, Infor HMS Online Check Out, and Infor POS Order Now have been added to the Infor Hospitality Cloud Solution Suite to deliver convenience, clarity, and care with every stay. New to the suite are web-based tools that allow guests to manage their check-in and check-out experiences according to preference. With real time accessibility, this tool will help hoteliers keep pace with the current pandemic safety measures as well as the busy lives of their guests.

Additionally, Infor’s restaurant technology (Infor Point of Sale) has been enhanced with the Self- Service Order Now solution to online food ordering. Guests can order food online on their smart device in the comfort of their hotel room or in a restaurant facility without having to interact with staff keeping social-distancing norms. These are just some of the many new enhancements to Infor’s technology suites to help staff and customers stay safe during these difficult times.


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Infor Launches New Fully Integrated Multi-Tenant Payroll Module

Infor recently announced the arrival of its new Payroll module for Infor Global Human Resources (Global HR). Per their website, Infor Payroll provides in-house payroll processing capabilities with multiple options for service partners to help manage back-end payroll processes, including employment tax filing, wage payments, wage garnishments, and other value-added services. Infor’s payroll solution offers flexibility to help organizations enable the desired balance of operational control. Updates to this new offering include benefits of being a module within Global HR as well as being included as part of industry-based CloudSuites. Payroll is now offered to all Infor CloudSuite HCM customers and is fully integrated with Infor CloudSuite Financials, with plans to make third-party financial integration available.


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Infor Cloudsuite How to Change Password

Follow these 6 simple steps to change your password on Infor Cloudsuite.

  1. Login to your Cloudsuite url:
  2. Go to Service Requests:
  3. On the top-right select Create a Service Request:
  4. Request type is SQL Manage User and click Next:
  5. Fill in Action: Change Password | User: userID | Password: New_Password
  6. Request takes up to a minute to process.

Infor and DBS Bank Partner to Integrate Digital Trade Financing into Global Supply Chains

Infor is partnering with DBS Bank, Southeast Asia’s largest bank, to integrate digital trade financing capabilities into the Infor Nexus global network of more than 68,000 businesses. Per the press release, the two companies’ first joint program recently went live with one of the world’s largest global apparel companies, providing faster and more cost-efficient digital trade financing to suppliers in the apparel company’s supply chain ecosystem, which comprises mostly small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).  Gary Schneider, VP of sales for Infor Financial Supply Chain Management, comments, “This is an important relationship for Infor, where a common vision of data-driven financing bonds us and presses us forward. DBS is a digital bank focused on supplier funding and liquidity. Its pursuit of digital innovation and delivering greater value to supply chains, combined with our cloud-based platform and local support team around the globe, makes for a powerful partnership at a time when liquidity is a top priority for everyone.” The two companies’ next joint program for pre-shipment finance, expected to launch in late 2020, will utilize supply chain data as the primary conduit to assess risk and credit worthiness, as opposed to traditional models that result in the majority of suppliers being underfunded or facing challenges to access necessary capital.


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Infor Landmark Security Classes (ST) explained

This is a more in-depth look at the security classes assigned to Landmark Security Roles. To find a better overview of Landmark Security Roles, see our article on “Infor Landmark Security Roles (ST) explained


Delivered Class Access Details
BasicProductLineAccess_ST In conjunction with ProductLineAccess_ST, provides general product line access that all Landmark actors need.
InbasketUser_ST Access to user’s own Inbasket for reviewing and taking action on work items.
Lpa_ST Access to the Infor Process Automation system, including menus in Infor Rich Client. All IPA users need this.
LpaAdmin_ST Access to Infor Process Automation administration menu options in Infor Rich Client.
JobQueueAccess_ST Access to the Landmark job queue.
ProcessAutomationProxy_ST Access to business classes related to proxy assignments
ProcessDesigner_ST Access to the business classes that the Infor Process Designer tool needs.
ProcessSchedulingAllAccess_ST Provides read, write access to IPA triggering features.
ProcessServerAllAccess_ST Provides read, write access to all IPA features.
ProcessServerReadAccess_ST Provides read access to all IPA features
ProductLineAccess_ST In conjunction with BasicProductLineAccess_ST, provides general product line access that all Landmark actors need.
ScheduledActionsAccess_ST Provides the ability to schedule Landmark actions.
ConfigConsoleSecurityAdmin_ST Provides all access to the Landmark Configuration Console.



Infor Landmark Security Roles (ST) explained

From time to time you may get inquiries from a client’s audit team about Landmark Security Roles. This overview table helps explain their uses assuming no modifications were made to them by the organization or Infor. To see a more in-depth understanding of Landmark classes, see our article: “Infor Landmark Security Classes (ST) explained


Delivered role Intended for use by Contains these security classes
InbasketUser_ST Normal end-users who receive work items in the Inbasket BasicProductLineAccess_ST

ProductLineAccess_ST InbasketUser_ST

Lpa_ST ProcessSchedulingAllAccess_ ST

JobQueueServer_ST Users who must perform actions on the Landmark job queue. BasicProductLineAccess_ST

ProductLineAccess_ST JobQueueAccess_ST

ProcessDesigner_ST Process developers BasicProductLineAccess_ST ProductLineAccess_ST


ProcessDesigner_ST ProcessSchedulingAllAccess_ ST

ProcessServerAllAccess_ST IPA system administrators BasicProductLineAccess_ST ProductLineAccess_ST


LpaAdmin_ST ProcessServerAllAccess_ST ProcessSchedulingAllAccess_ ST ScheduledActionsAccess_ST

ProcessServerReadAccess_ST IPA assistant administrators, power users, developers (depending on policies at

your site)



Not delivered through a role. Assign the class to any role for users who need to assign proxies. Users who need to assign Tasks to other users to cover for them. ProcessAutomationProxy_ST
ConfigConsoleSecurityAdmin_ST Users who need full access to the Configuration Console. ConfigAdminAccess_ST


ConfigConsoleSecurityAdmin_ ST


Chuo Spring Adopts Infor ERP Solution at Overseas Sites to Improve Business Visibility and Standardize Operations Globally

Infor Japan K.K., Japanese subsidiary of Infor, recently announced that Chuo Spring Co., Ltd., an automotive components manufacturer, has adopted at its Indonesian sites Infor CloudSuite Industrial, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for manufacturing industries. This will enhance business visibility and standardize its operations globally. Per the press release, Chuo Spring made the decision to use Infor CloudSuite Industrial as a dedicated core system for its overseas sites, and deploy the solution in its Indonesian sites, in recognition of its ability to adapt Japanese standardized operations to sites overseas and support centralized management and global operations from its Japanese head office. Kenta Koide, vice president, member of the board, Chuo Spring Co., Ltd., says of this adoption, “To enable continued expansion at Chuo Spring, we needed an ERP solution to visualize our overseas site data in real time and enable data-driven business decisions. In addition to the rich functionality and proven achievements for global manufacturing businesses offered by Infor’s ERP solution, we were impressed with its versatility, flexible licensing structure, and development environment enabling easy implementation and meeting local requirements.”


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Infor Asia Pacific Announces Strong Partner Momentum in Southeast Asia

Infor recently shared its Asia Pacific (APAC) partner momentum in FY20 with the strategic addition of 35 new channel and alliance partners across the region. These partners are specially recruited according to their focused industry-specific expertise and solution areas mapped and aligned to Infor’s go-to-market strategy. Per the press release, about 35% of these new partners are located in Southeast Asia, including 3MWorks Corp., novaHEALTH, Phitomas, and KMS Solutions. They will bolster Infor’s go-to-market presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. The recent additions to its partner network has contributed to the adoption of Infor CloudSuite Industrial by Indonesia customer Ismaya Group, a leader in building lifestyle brands in the hospitality and lifestyle industries. Fabio Tiviti, VP of Infor ASEAN, says “APAC is our fastest-growing region, and we are witnessing an increasing appetite for industry-specific SaaS solutions in Southeast Asia. The growing momentum of our partner network brings us closer to our customers, and we are confident we will remain the trusted partner of choice in this region.”


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Nahdi Medical Company Transforms its Financial Management with Infor

Infor recently announced that Nahdi Medical Company, a Saudi Arabia-based pharmacy retail chain, has digitally transformed its financial management, payment systems, and financial planning with Infor Treasury Management. With the tech giant’s help, this solution allows vast improvements to Nahdi Medical’s financial management and planning capabilities, placing the company in a strong position to expand its operations in line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 ambition to increase the private sector participation in the provision of healthcare services. Nahdi Medical operates the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region’s largest pharmacy retail chain, with a network of pharmacies in all cities and villages across Saudi Arabia, a clinic in Jeddah, and an expanding presence in the UAE. Per the press release, Mohamed Seddeak, head of treasury and corporate finance at Nahdi Medical, said, “By deploying Infor Treasury, we have completely transformed the way our finance department operates. We can now achieve far more with the same resources, while gaining a wealth of data and analysis to help us plan effectively as we expand our operation with medical clinics in Saudi Arabia and new pharmacies in our home market and across the GCC.”


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