Wajax Deploys Infor CloudSuite Equipment to Help Optimize Operations and Improve Customer Service

Infor recently announced that Wajax Corporation (“Wajax”), a leading industrial products and services provider, is deploying Infor CloudSuite Equipment to help optimize multiple facets of its operations and improve customer service. This Ontario-based company is already familiar with the tech giant as Wajax recently implemented the Infor M3 solution in July 2019 at two of their pilot sites. With this newest addition, Infor’s CloudSuite Equipment solution delivers an industry-specific equipment quotation capability, which is designed to enable Wajax to combine its 47 separate quotation systems. Jeff Wayland, senior vice president of consulting services at Infor, said of the collaboration, “One benefit of our multi-tenant cloud solution is that Wajax gets regular access to our latest software updates, which can help them deploy more quickly and can help them innovate continuously.”


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Infor Launches Infor Workforce Management Express Program in China to Help Companies Tackle Business Continuity Challenge and Aid Recovery

Infor recently announced the launch of a special promotion program in China to help companies be operationally agile and ease the “back-to-work” phase as companies gradually re-open. The Infor Work Force Management (WFM) solution is a powerful tool with intelligent scheduling that makes it easier for enterprises to re-open their businesses strategically. With the COVID-19 pandemic ‘rushing’ many businesses to work around the clock to stay alive, many organizations are reviewing the options available to better manage and utilize their employees during these times. Per the press release, the Infor WFM express solution can help organizations provide efficient and effective staff scheduling procedures and provide ongoing workforce utilization efficiencies during an evolving pandemic. With Infor WFM, enterprises can build multiple hierarchies of team structure to meet requirements through strong rule-setting and data-separation capabilities. In addition, the Infor WFM shift workbench is embedded with eight predefined shifts, providing human resource function with a simple and unified management tool.


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Altaïr Group to Deploy Infor M3 for International Growth

Infor recently announced that Altaïr Group, a French chemical group composed of six leading companies in the field of cleaning products, fabric softeners, insecticides and repair pastes and putties, has decided to deploy the enterprise resource planning (ERP) application, Infor M3. It will become the standard system for managing processes and sharing information between the group’s various entities. Per the press release, Altaïr Group has entrusted Infor to support the deployment of the M3 solution and outsourcing the IT servers and setting up a data centre in Lille, France, to serve the various entities of the group. This will help centralize information, improve communication between subsidiaries and share best practices. Infor M3 will help manage operations related to purchases/sales, production (manufacturing of chemical formulas and packaging), logistics, quality control and finance.


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Nucleus Research Recognizes Infor as Leader in Workforce Management in Latest Value Matrix

Infor Workforce Management (WFM) has been recognized as a Leader among WFM applications in Nucleus Research’s latest Technology Value Matrix for WFM. Per the press release, “At Infor, we are excited about the amount of time and innovation that has been put in to develop our WFM solutions and how they have the ability to drastically benefit our customers across multiple industries,” said Matthew Bragstad, Infor vice president of product management. “Our teams are proud of this Leader recognition by Nucleus Research, as it further validates this work and our commitment to workforce planning, execution and analysis.” Infor CloudSuite™ Workforce Management helps companies address relevant aspects of their labor compliance and performance functions with time and attendance, demand-driven scheduling, workforce scheduling, and absence management software tools. WFM can  be used to help mitigate the risk of potential compliance errors and help reduce costs, while encouraging employees to focus on activities that generate more value.


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Infor Positioned as a Leader, for the Second Consecutive Time, in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Multienterprise Supply Chain Business Networks

For the second time in a row, Gartner Inc. has positioned Infor as a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for Multienterprise Supply Chain Business Networks. Infor was positioned in the Leaders quadrant for its ability to execute and completeness of vision. Per the press release, Gartner wrote in the report that, “Multienterprise supply chain business networks (MESCBNs) are an essential technology component to a successful high-maturity, digital transformation. Executives must understand that their company needs to operate within such networks to stay competitive – in other words, minimize risk, increase efficiency, reduce cost and capitalize on opportunities.” Heidi Benko, VP of solutions strategy for Infor Supply Chain Management, said, “Companies are looking for a new level of speed, agility and resiliency in their supply chains and multienterprise business applications (MEBAs). We believe this is where Infor separates from other network providers. Organically developed for complex multi-party, real-time collaboration and process automation, companies on our Infor Nexus platform can overcome typical business network challenges across the physical and financial supply chain.”


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Tanguy Materials Chooses Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise to Rationalise its Management Systems

Infor recently announced that French building materials company Tanguy Materials has chosen to implement Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise to equip itself with the right tools to accelerate the digitalization of its services and meet the challenges and opportunities of a constantly evolving market. Tanguy Materials is a family-owned group that has been developing in the trade and production of building materials industry for three generations (since 1925). About 30 years ago, the group extended its scope and reorganized itself around 17 subsidiaries. Today, it has more than 950 employees for a turnover in 2019 of more than 250 million euros. Per the press release, Tanguy’s goal was to harmonize and centralize three enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and the 70 user interfaces around a single, modern and scalable management system. Infor has a proven track record of successfu deployments in other market players, including Tanguy’s competitors. On a functional level, the solution was a good fit for the company’s issues such as inventory management, supply chain management and pricing. The cloud option offers real advantages in terms of flexibility and scalability on demand, while respecting the company’s needs and financial capacities.


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Infor WMS Solution Provides 20% Productivity Increase in Order Picking for EVA

Infor recently announced the successful implementation of Infor WMS (warehouse management system) in the distribution centers of EVA, the largest Ukrainian chain of health and beauty stores. EVA is the leader in the perfumery and cosmetics segment selling cosmetics, perfumes, hygiene products, body care products, household chemicals, accessories and household goods. The implementation of Infor WMS — and its integration with the corporate ERP system, the Qlever Intralogistics conveyor and equipment management system and the control module — was performed by LT-Management, a major partner of Infor. Per the press release, the implementation of Infor WMS has led to a four-fold reduction in the number of errors in order picking and a several-fold reduction in the number of complaints — from 0.14% to 0.04% of the total volume of orders. Over the year since the solution was implemented, the enhancement of several business processes has led to a 20% productivity increase in order picking. The implementation of Infor WMS means that ‘paper’ technologies, which inevitably reduced the efficiency of the distribution center conveyor system, are no longer used.


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Nucleus Research Names Infor as a Leader in the 2020 HCM Value Matrix

Infor has been named a Leader in the Nucleus Research 2020 Human Capital Management (HCM) Value Matrix. Nucleus evaluated HCM vendors based on their products’ usability, functionality and overall value. Per the company website, Infor CloudSuite™ HCM is a cloud-based solution for human capital management (HCM) that is designed to offer a complete, configurable solution that provides talent optimization capabilities and unique science tools that allow organizations to apply predictive analytics across talent processes in order to help HR and other business leaders make more informed decisions. Trevor White, analyst at Nucleus Research, says of the tech giant, “Infor is a distinguished key player in the HCM market. They offer a level of configuration and personalization that makes it easy for organizations to anticipate updates and customize their experiences.”


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Configuring Lawson for LDAP Signing

As you might have heard, Microsoft is hardening their security with LDAP channeling and LDAP signing in an update coming sometime in the 2nd half of 2020. Any applications that rely on LDAP connections to Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) or Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) need to be converted to LDAPS. LDAPS is a secure connection protocol used between applications like Lawson and the Network Directory or Domain Controller. In this webinar, we will provide you step-by-step instructions for preparing your Lawson and Landmark environments to work with LDAP Signing.



View the supplementary article Configuring Lawson and Landmark for LDAP Signing for a step by step guide.

Infor Launches User Community for Infor CloudSuite EAM in the Middle East

Infor has officially launched a customer user community for Infor CloudSuite™ EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) in the Middle East. Infor’s successful user communities worldwide hopes to be replicated with this new user community in the Middle East, where EAM software is a fast-growing segment. Organizations across the region wish to maximize their efficiency and improve their services by using their assets more intelligently. Per the press release, the global enterprise asset management market is expected to reach a value of $8.2 billion by 2024, up from $5.1 billion in 2019 and representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10%, according to Markets & Markets. This growth means there is a huge hunger for learning and dialogue among CloudSuite EAM customers.


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