Upcoming Events Fall 2020

Mark your calendars for these Fall virtual meetings in the Lawson User Community!


East Infor/Lawson Virtual Meeting

Hosted by: Infor Metropolitan Region Lawson User Group
When: Wednesday, October 28th, 2020 from 10:00 to 5:15 (US/Eastern)

Join us for our first ever Joint East Infor/Lawson User group meeting

Virtual Meeting – October 28, 2020, 10:00am – 5:15pm EST.

Did we mentioned it’s FREE for Infor Customers?! Over 35 LIVE sessions!

Registration closes on October 26th, 2020 (no exceptions) register today

Carolinas User Group
Florida User Group (FLUG)
Georgia Alabama User Group (GAUG)
Infor Canadian Exchange (ICE)
Keystone Users Group (KLUG)
Metropolitan Region User Group (MRLUG)
Mid-America User Group (LMAUG)
Mid-Atlantic User Group (MUG)
Mid-South User Group (MSUG)
Northeast User Group (NELUG)
Southeast MEGA User Group (SEMUG)

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Online Session registration will be required prior to event, see agenda.

Over 500 customers registered representing over 200 companies.

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Midwest Mega Meeting

Hosted by: Midwest Lawson User Group (MWLUG), Central Plains Infor User Group & Kansas/Missouri Lawson User Group
When: Thursday, November 12th, 2020 from 9:00 to 2:45 (US/Central)


Midwest Mega Meeting on November 12th.
The Midwest are combining for this exciting virtual event.

Hosted by the Board Members of the Central Plains, Kansas-Missouri, and Midwest User Groups.

Registration begins October 26, 2020.

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Nylacast Forges Future-Proof Operations with Infor

Nylacast, a worldwide leader of precision engineered polymer solutions, has chosen Infor CloudSuite Industrial as its core technology platform. Having an aggressive growth strategy, Nylacast will utilize Infor’s application to shorten the timeline of achieving new capabilities within both its automotive and engineered products divisions, reducing risk and minimizing business disruption. Deployed via multi-tenant cloud and implemented by Infor partner JPO Solutions, According to the press release, Nylacast chose CloudSuite Industrial based on the enhanced functionality it offers over the existing on-premises application, the reduced management demands it is expected to make on Nylacast resources, and the robustness and flexibility cloud-based technologies offer. “This decision is based in our desire to develop a truly future-looking ERP system,” said Mark Bevan, CFO of Nylacast Group. “Moving to the cloud not only reduces cost but cuts the complexity of managing the hardware and enables us to continually evolve new capabilities instead of being confined to large-scale, cyclical releases that come with larger risk.”


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Suitcase Hospitality Optimizes Revenue Management with Infor

Infor recently announced that French hotel group Suitcase Hospitality is continuing to deploy Infor’s EzRMS revenue management solution across its properties to standardize its practices across all of its facilities. The cloud-based solution, which is based on AI (artificial intelligence) and its extensive learning capabilities, provides hospitality professionals with enhanced revenue management functionality and advanced tools to help improve customer service, in particular to better anticipate the commercial services to be offered to them. Since 2015, Suitcase Hospitality Group develops, designs and operates its own hotels on a totally independent basis. Another of the group’s distinctive features is that it owns a number of different brands and luxury hotels and boutique hotels. The group currently has five establishments in exploitation and aims to open three new ones per year. Per the press release, Infor EzRMS enables Suitcase Hospitality to standardize processes across its various properties, automate revenue management, optimize room occupancy and independently analyze market data. The solution identifies its customers through the analysis of their purchasing behavior. Thus, each establishment of the Suitcase Hospitality group can better know and understand the specificities of its clientele and adapt its price offer accordingly.


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Samra Bolsters Water Security in Jordan with Infor EAM

Infor announced that Samra Wastewater Treatment Plant, Jordan’s largest wastewater treatment facility has deployed Infor EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) to transform operational efficiency and reduce maintenance budgets. This will help preserve Jordan’s scarce water reserve. For improved asset management, Samara installed Infor EAM with Infor’s partner Intertext Systems. The first phase of the deployment covered more than 4,000 assets. Per the press release, Khaled AlShami, Infor director of solution consulting, Middle East & Africa, said: “Infor EAM has given Samra clear visibility of its assets, enabling it to digitize and automate its maintenance function. Asset management is important for all organizations, but the benefits are especially keenly felt by utilities such as Samra.” Looking ahead, Samra continues to expand its use of Infor EAM, adding more assets to the system and expanding the scope of the solution.


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Zyllem and Infor Partner to Strengthen Enterprise Distribution across ASEAN

Infor and Zyllem, a specialist in last-mile logistics distribution networks, announced their technology partnership to digitize and optimize logistics value chains across ASEAN. Per the press release, Infor will leverage Zyllem’s SaaS-based distribution platform for Infor Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), including key verticals such as retail, logistics and distribution. This will empower Infor customers to integrate their distribution and supply chains seamlessly, with end-to-end visibility and control across their networks. “Over the next six months, Infor and Zyllem will connect with major distributors in the market to share their vision of the future logistics and supply chain market. We’re glad to have found a partner that shares our vision and is committed to bringing change to a market that is ripe for innovation,” says Noam Berda, founder and CEO at Zyllem. This partnership has the goal of digitizing and optimizing the enterprise logistics value chain so as to deliver intelligent tracking and insights for customers.


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Zadig&Voltaire Switches to the Cloud with Infor CloudSuite Fashion for its Transformation

Zadig&Voltaire, a French ready-to-wear brand with operations in more than 30 countries around the world, has decided to deploy Infor CloudSuite Fashion, a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for the management of end-to-end fashion processes. The company’s objective is to move quickly and, to achieve this, to opt for a standard solution that does not require any specific customizations. Per the press release, three main principles guide the implementation of this project: to make simple functional choices to encourage teams to adopt the solution, opt for a standard product to facilitate its maintenance, and redesign processes to adapt them to the tool, thereby aligning the entire organization with market best practices. Alliance partner CGI will accompany Infor on this project.


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Hotel Alhambra Palace Checks in with Infor for World-Class Customer Service

Hotel Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain, has chosen to implement Infor Hospitality Cloud solutions throughout all operations, including front of house, housekeeping, restaurants and conference bookings. The deal includes Infor Hospitality Management Solution (HMS), Infor Sales and Catering, and Infor Table Management. Per the press release, Infor software will replace an on-premises legacy system that can no longer support the plans for growth at Hotel Alhambra Palace. One of the earliest anticipated benefits of the new application will be faster access to more comprehensive information and operational data, as well as new contactless processes such as mobile check-in. Hotel Alhambra Palace will be able to continue improving customer service and ensure staff are deployed to the highest value activities.


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Real-Time Location Systems applications grow with hospital data needs

A real-time location system (RTLS) helps hospital and healthcare facilities professionals track certain key assets and information and save time, money and patients’ lives. While primarily used for asset management, these systems are expanding to more areas such as contact tracing (which is helpful during this pandemic). Neal Lorenzi shares on Health Facilities Management Magazine how RTLS applications benefit hospital facilities these days.


Hospital applications

“Asset management is the main RTLS service that provides maximum value for hospitals. The automated tracking of staff, patients and equipment offers a demonstrable return on investment in terms of saving time, money and outcomes. RTLSs are also used for patient flow tracking in hospitals and outpatient clinics; environmental monitoring of refrigerators, freezers and rooms; staff backup when assistance is needed; and patient rounding.”


Growing use cases

“The number of hospital applications that integrate with RTLS technology is growing rapidly, expecially with it’s increased interest relating to infection control during this COVID-19 pandemic… RTLSs make it easy for hospital teams to quickly conduct inventory checks in pharmacies and supply rooms where items need to be frequently counted, inspected and rotated. RTLSs also play a role in smaller, offsite health care facilities, a fast-growing market segment.”


Capturing data

“Data capture is a key capability of the latest RTLSs, allowing hospitals to inform a variety of operational improvements. Systems can be used to ensure that assets are available when needed and help prevent overspending on unnecessary equipment. RTLS data also can be used to optimize a facility’s workforce, ensuring that the hospital is properly staffed.”


Innovations abound

Many key tech players have plaforms for RTLSs. Among them are Midmark, CenTrak, Sonitor, Stanley Healthcare, Infor, Vizzia Technologies, Zebra Technologies, and GE Healthcare. One of the key resources for many of their platforms is tracking and preventing COVID-19 in hospitals.


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Infor Poised to Support $8.5B Digital Supply Chain Market in META

A recent press release shares that distributors and logistics providers in the Middle East will need to adopt vertical-specific digital platforms if they are to succeed in an industry roiled by changing dynamics, shifting customer habits, and changes wrought by COVID-19, according to a new white paper by IDC sponsored by Infor. A very important consideration for players in the distribution business is to choose vertical-specific digital platforms, states white paper author Jebin George, IDC program manager of industry solutions. “IDC believes that distribution organizations that use integrated platforms and cloud-based, vertical-specific applications will be the most likely to digitally transform themselves in three to five years and emerge as true digital pioneers,” George says. Khaled Al Shami, Infor director of solution consulting for Middle East and Africa, says that the tech giant is the perfect partner for this project. “The logistics and distribution sector in the Middle East is undeniably in a period of flux, with multiple forces driving change… What separates Infor from many other vendors serving the industry is our ability to offer vertical-specific solutions, and we look forward to working with a growing number of logistics providers as they adapt to the new dynamic,” says Al Shami.


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Mount Sinai South Nassau Kicks Off Interoperability Transformation with Infor Healthcare

Mount Sinai South Nassau (MSSN) has selected Infor Cloud Cloverleaf™ to increase interoperability across its network of healthcare services and providers. MSSN has migrated to the newest cloud-based iteration of Infor Cloverleaf to further bring patient information to the point of care, and assist clinicians to make more effective and informed decisions. Infor Cloverleaf will enable data interoperability and integration across many systems by support of proprietary and traditional data formats and protocols as well as newer web-based API (Application Programming Interface) standards such as FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources). Per the press release, MSSN will be able to focus more time on care and business outcomes, spend less time managing servers and applications, begin leveraging FHIR and API-based data exchange, and benefit from being on the latest version of Cloverleaf with routine upgrades.


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