Tefron Deploys Infor ERP Across All Global Operations

Infor recently announced that Tefron, developer and manufacturer of lingerie and sportswear, has completed an enterprise resource planning (ERP) deployment of Infor M3. The ERP solution, which includes a friendly and convenient user interface, provides capabilities for managing the development and design of new collections, raw material procurement, regulatory compliance, full supply chain visibility, one-to-one production and financial management. Infor partner Intentia Israel assisted Tefron with their implementation. Infor M3 went live across all of the company’s locations with all new components of Infor M3 (version 13.4) embedded in the system. The system is live for more than 100 users across production and distribution centers in Israel, USA, Canada and China. Infor ION (Intelligent Open Network) was included, which enables fast and east integration of Infor solutions and other enterprise solutions.  Tefron will also embed the Infor OS central operating platform later, which enables the management of all solutions and tools under one synchronized, easy-to-use interface.


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Infor and Mashfrog Join Forces for Fashion & Industrial

Infor’s latest channel partner is with Mashfrog, an IT and digital services company based in Italy. The partnership is designed to help manufacturers in both the fashion and industrial industries in Italy to modernize through technology and pursue digital transformation programs. Mashfrog will have access to the Infor CloudSuite Fashion (based on Infor M3) and combined with the company’s service delivery credentials, it will help local businesses to capitalize on digitization, drive performance and expand market share. “Infor’s continued innovation and cloud first strategy is impressive and we are delighted to join forces with them to consolidate our proposition for the Italian market,” comments Federico Zuin, Mashfrog Group CEO. “Fashion and apparel companies face huge challenges and complexity, but through making the best decisions about where to invest in digital capabilities, they stand to win market share in what has become a global mega industry. Infor’s cloud first strategy combined with deep domain functionality and industry expertise, together with our credentials, industry knowledge and experience in service delivery, mean that we have an impressive proposition to take to the Italian market.”


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Growing Dairy Company Emmi Digitises with Infor

Infor announced earlier this month that Switzerland dairy manufacturer Emmi is rolling out the enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution Infor M3 to some of its subsidiaries in order to streamline its internationally expanding business operations. With Switzerland being the country’s largest dairy processor and having a global reputation as a producer of premium dairy products and cheese, Emmi  produces and markets a comprehensive range of dairy products primarily for the retail trade and the food industry. Elsewhere, it focuses on brand concepts and specialities, such as the Emmi ready-to-eat cheese fondue, cave-aged cheese specialities, and the various CAFFÈ LATTE cold coffee products. The company have around 6,100 employees worldwide. The company needed a more standardized ERP solution to support their international subsidiaries during their rapid growth. Emmi opted for a single solution for these international locations with Infor M3 meeting all requirements for their new system. Infor M3 is a very comprehensive system – with specific features for the food industry – and can be fully integrated, so that it can also work with financial and purchasing systems. This gives Emmi complete control over its business operations, providing simple and easy access to sales forecasts and reports. Additionally, special attention is paid to quality control in the production and logistics processes, and to tracking and tracing – essential aspects in the dairy industry.

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