Web Page errors when logging into IFS

If you see some error messages when you first open IFS (similar to the message below), make sure that all components of the Application Server have been installed.

These are installed in the Server Management area > Add Roles and Features.  The Application Server role is delivered with PowerShell commands that are required for IFS to run.


IFS Installer Fails with No Error Message

During a recent IFS install we encountered an install failure and the error message/return code was blank. The setup_log.log file said “Error: IFS -DoInstall failed with a return code of”.  We noticed that the setup_log.log claimed that it had created the new database successfully, but the database was not there. After much troubleshooting, we finally realized that we needed some inbound/outbound firewall rules for our IFS database instance. The interesting thing is that the install wizard made it past the database connection screen, but once we added those firewall rules, we were good to go.

Managing Groups in IFS

Active Directory groups can be added in IFS to use for synchronization and automated role assignment. To add a group to IFS, navigate to Manage > Groups. Click the add button to add a group, or click on a group in the list to update it. Selecting the “Sync users” checkbox means that users from that AD group will bey synchronized with IFS each time a sync is done. You can also auto-assign roles to users in the AD group by going to Manage > Master Data. Select Security Role, then Details. On the left side, select the role you want to assign. On the right side, click the Groups tab, and select the add button. Choose the group(s) for which that role should be assigned. Select Apply and/or Ok, then click the save button at the top. The next time you have a scheduled sync, all users in that AD group will be assigned the role(s) you defined.

Upload Users to IFS

After your AD FS configuration, you will need to load users into IFS from LDAP. There is an option to search for each user and add them manually, but if you have a large group of Lawson users this can be time consuming. IFS also offers a mass upload using a CSV file. The CSV file needs to have a header, and the only value required is the samAccountName.

Create your CSV file, then go into Manage > Users in IFS. Click “Upload” and browse to your CSV file. Click Open and the users will be added into IFS.