The Mayo Hotel Continues to Invest in the Guest Experience with Infor Hospitality

Infor recently announced its successful partnership with The Mayo Hotel in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The cloud-based Infor HMS and Infor SCS Sales and Event Management solutions were selected by the hotel to help the property adapt to meet today’s and hospitality challenges and support the brand as it grows. In partnering with Infor, The Mayo Hotel will have access to modern technology tools to help deliver a great guest experience every time. Per the press release, Infor HMS hospitality management system will allow teams at The Mayo Hotel to manage everything from the front office and reservations to accounting and sales within a single application. This will create a unified view of business performance, so managers have greater visibility into how their decisions impact other departments, and vice versa. Additionally, modules for event management provide complete financial reporting, revenue forecasting and performance analysis, food and beverage costing, labor scheduling, and full customer relationship management (CRM) and custom correspondence capability.


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University of Maine Partners with Infor Hospitality

In recent news the University of Maine in Orono has decided to implement Infor Point of Sale (POS). This decision was due to University of Maine and UMaine Dining being committed to bringing excellence and value to campus and decided to streamline operations and enhance the overall guest experience with Infor’s modern POS technology. Per the press release, Infor Point of Sale (POS) is designed for full- and quick-service restaurants, and managed food services in higher education, healthcare, corporate, and more. The restaurant POS solution enables them to optimize operations, exceed guest expectations, and increase business insight, helping managed food service organizations to increase operational efficiency, create better experiences for faculty and students, and promote greater profitability. Joe Vargas, Infor Hospitality senior vice president, comments, “Infor’s new partnership with University of Maine will help provide the functionality, integration, and customer support needed to deliver more memorable services and events for today’s modern guest.”


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Graduate Hotels Partners with Infor Hospitality

Infor recently announced that Graduate Hotels®, a collection of hand-crafted hotels located in dynamic university-anchored towns, has selected Infor Hospitality Management Solution (HMS) for its property management system (PMS) and will fully standardize on the Infor cloud-based platform. Per the press release, Graduate Hotels has been marking successful go-lives with Infor’s software at 31 properties since June 2022, with the most recent at its Eugene, Oregon, location. Infor’s HMS suite gives Graduate Hotels modern technology at its fingertips to unify and refine operations, deliver superior guest experiences, and implement and execute intelligent strategy. Moreover, Infor HMS being a fully integrated property management system built for the cloud with flexibility, security, efficiency, and mobile capabilities will help streamline the hotel group’s operations, maximize profitability, deliver great guest experiences, and keep the company prevailing in a competitive sector.


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Oostwegel Collection Implements Infor’s Suite of Hospitality Solutions

Oostwegel Collection, a Dutch group of historically authentic luxury hotels and restaurants, recently implemented Infor’s full suite of solutions for the hospitality industry. Oostwegel Collection is the first business globally to go live with all five of Infor’s hospitality-specific systems, implementing Infor Hospitality Management Solution (HMS), Infor Sales & Catering (SCS), Infor EzRMS revenue management, Infor Table Reservations Solution (TRS) and Infor Point of Sale (POS) across all of its properties. Per the press release, the hotel group has used Infor EzRMS since 2015 and was impressed with its functionality as well as the excellent customer service and support from Infor. After a thorough assessment of the market, Infor was the only vendor offering the full range of solutions that provided the functionality Oostwegel Collection was looking for, all in the cloud, which was crucial for the business. Moreover, having the full suite of solutions provides a single, fully integrated platform for the group, linking with other business systems to ensure data consistency and integrity across the hotel group. Oostwegel Collection can now view data across Infor solutions, which has led to significant efficiencies in data management.


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Old Edwards Inn and Spa Partners with Infor to Provide Superior Guest Experiences

Old Edwards Inn and Spa recently selected Infor to simplify its hotel management and revenue management functions. Per the press release, Infor EzRMS, the tech giant’s powerful hotel revenue management software solution, was implemented across all three of Old Edwards Hospitality Group’s properties. Infor’s cloud-based hospitality-specific applications will deliver faster turnover, higher profit margins and a more tailored guest experience. This will allow Old Edwards to reduce manual processes, obtain a clearer picture of who guests are via integrated guest profiles to inform better communications, and provide real-time visibility and intuitive processes to support staff and the guest experience. In addition, Old Edwards will have Infor Hospitality Management Solution (HMS), a hotel property management system (PMS) built in the cloud, to consistently meet and exceed modern guest expectations as well as better manage operations, deliver exceptional guest services, and provide a rich experience for all. Lastly, the solution provides scalability that can help meet present needs, along with whatever the future brings.


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Chichester Park Hotel Checks in to the Cloud with Infor

Chichester Park Hotel recently deployed Infor Hospitality Management Solution (HMS) and Infor Sales & Catering (SCS), a fully integrated, event management software solution. The new cloud systems, according to the press release, have streamlined and amalgamated key processes, laying the foundations for continued business growth. The 86-room hotel in the heart of historic Chichester, England chose Infor’s two systems simply for the ease-of-use of the solutions and their ability to integrate seamlessly with each other, as well as other solutions and technologies. Since implementation, Infor HMS and SCS delivered numerous benefits for the business, securing valuable efficiency savings and providing more insightful and accessible data than with the previous solutions. “Infor HMS and SCS are built to meet the exacting demands of the hotel industry,” comments Paul Griffiths, Infor hospitality business development manager for UK and Ireland. “Our flexible and scalable solutions deliver quantifiable business benefits, automating core processes to deliver that all-important quality experience for guests and staff alike. The efficiencies and valuable insights that our solutions deliver make them the ideal choice for hotel businesses keen to pursue ambitious growth strategies, boosting customer satisfaction as well as profitability.”


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Elite Hotels of Sweden Standardizes on Infor

Infor recently announced that premium hotel operator Elite Hotels of Sweden has begun a project to standardize operations on Infor Hospitality Management Solution (HMS) and Infor Sales & Catering System (SCS), replacing a legacy system unable to offer the integrated and holistic data needed for the hotel group. Per the press release, Infor was chosen based on the ability of the cloud-based platforms that will ensure Elite Hotels of Sweden remains on the most up-to-date functionality was also a vital consideration. Ronny Röe, chief information officer at Elite Hotels of Sweden, said of the new solution, “Infor Sales & Catering will help us deliver the seamless, frictionless experiences that guests expect, automating the entire event booking process with an intuitive workflow at every stage of the customer journey. Its ability to integrate with other solutions will help to provide optimum levels of business visibility too, furnishing us with a comprehensive view of the organization at any moment in time.” Additionally, Stan van Roij, Infor’s vice president of hospitality solutions says, “The ability of Infor to partner in this initiative, delivering visibility throughout hotel and catering operations, as well as enabling the technology that will underpin the guest experience of tomorrow, has been critical.”


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Infor Hospitality Expands Partnership with Oliver Hospitality

Infor recently announced its expanded partnership with Nashville-based hotel and restaurant management company Oliver Hospitality, committing to offering engaging and thoughtful spaces for its guests. Infor HMS has previously been implemented at five properties to enhance guest stays, and unify and refine hotel operations. Oliver Hospitality has decided to expand its work with Infor for its new Marconi Conference Center location outside of Marshall, California. Per the press release, choosing to expand the organization’s footprint with Infor Hospitality was decided in part because of Infor’s knowledge of the hospitality industry and proven track record with deployments. Through the Infor Hospitality suite, Oliver Hospitality is able to provide a rich experience for all users. Specifically, Infor HMS has provided the organization with a reliable hub for operations, and helped to establish a solid foundation to consistently deliver a superior guest experience. This decision to modernize the organization’s HMS will also help internal teams work easily and more successfully to eliminate many timeworn manual processes so Oliver Hospitality can streamline daily operations and deliver a personalized hotel stay.


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Revolutionizing Hotel Sales Functions With Technology

The hotel industry is one of the biggest legs in travel and tourism, a major player in the global economy. As the hotel industry continues to grow, technology will play a key role in its evolution. Sales play a vital role yet not every hotel brand is taking advantage of the multitude of technology available for their business’ . While giants like Marriott and Hilton utilize customer relationship management (CRM) software, it isn’t used at capacity. More and more hotel chains need to take advantage of the technology curated for their sector. Forbes Council Member Akash Goel shares an article highlighting the many technology advancements available in the hotel and hospitality sector that brands need to take full advantage of immediately.

Lead Generation: “Lead management tools can merge leads from various sources, deduplicate them and maintain the most up-to-date information for the best top-of-the-funnel leads—all stored in a lead bank.”

Lead Enrichment And Qualification: “Multiple lead sources contribute to enriching a prospect with maximum data points. Using factors such as the industry, size and proximity of a business to a hotel, as well as the hotel’s product offerings, lead scoring can help sales professionals prioritize, qualify and focus on the most promising leads.”

Automated Outreach Campaigns: “With contact information for most businesses and employees readily available, reaching out via email can be an effective way to generate interest and qualify leads. Tools can help track open and reply rates to optimize the process and update lead scores.”

System Integration (CRM): “Connecting the customer relationship management (CRM) tool with the hotel’s central reservation system (CRS) can further simplify post-sales efforts. Dashboards can highlight contracts that are at risk of being lost, those that aren’t meeting expectations and those that have further scope for upselling. Automated communications and reminders also help strengthen the relationship.”

Technology has proven its positive impact in other industries, and the hotel industry is no exception. Travel and tourism isn’t going anywhere especially now that it seems the economy is slowing coming back to the pre-covid times. Embracing technology in hotel operations will significantly help with sales.


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MMI Hotel Group Embraces Cloud-Based Infor Solutions to Streamline Growth

MMI Hotel Group recently selected Infor Hospitality to provide hospitality management and pricing solutions for its expanding independent property base. The tech giant will provide the hotel management company with easy access to valuable incoming data that can quickly be turned into action, allowing teams to better track guest preferences, simplify reservations and provide consistent quality and services. Per the press release, MMI will have access to cloud-based tools that will allow its teams to better serve guests and achieve competitive positioning through dynamic pricing strategies. Infor HMS is a specialized, multi-departmental property management platform for the hospitality industry that integrates front-office and on-property technology to better manage room availability, dynamic pricing and guest profiles to boost profitability and maintain a competitive edge. With this suite, properties in the MMI Hotel Group portfolio will be able to increase revenue potential, streamline operations and build a better guest experience. Additionally, Infor EzRMS, a powerful hotel revenue management tool, will automatically calculate demand and revenue forecasts, while recommending appropriate selling strategies. MMI’s users will benefit from deep-learning algorithms that dynamically recognize patterns to ensure optimal and accurate business forecasts, pricing and selling strategies to increase yield and profit.


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