ProcessFlow / IPA Differences

What’s new with IPA? Can you still use your old flows? What does the new designer do? Are there any amazing new features? We got all the answers for you. Join us for this great 45 minute differences session where we will go over all the major differences and introduce some of the new features of IPA.

Become a Lawson SQL genius in 50 minutes

Have you ever watched your DBA fly through Lawson data as if he had all the tables memorized and get you the exact dataset you wanted to see? Did it seem like magic? If you have always wanted to do that on your own then you have to join this free session. You will get all the tools of the trade and some very nifty sql you can stash away for that rainy day. If you don’t know SQL at all then be sure to attend the course above first. 

Data Access Basics and Intro To SQL

This course is intended to teach you the basics of SQL data queries and what you need to get started. If you don’t know SQL at all, think of this as a mandatory webinar for the Lawson SQL webinar later in the same day.

M3 Customization: A Tale Of Cost/Benefits

This is part one of a three part series that provides direction coupled with the experience necessary to streamline order processing and enhance customer service capabilities while laying a foundation that will not only reduce training requirements, order entry times and look up times but will also provide the basis for unparalleled Business Intelligence based predictive analysis.

Lawson Security

A quick overview of the basic tasks that every Lawson Security administrator will need to know.

A brief overview of Lawson security. The presentation covers:

  • Overview of security past and present
  • Introduction to components and terminology
  • Introduction to the tools and menus
  • A few simple tasks that you’re likely to perform
  • Implementation methodology
  • Troubleshooting

Lawson MS Addins

Join us and learn how to use Addins for some simple queries and data loads.

A brief overview of Lawson MS Addins. The presentation covers:

  • Introduction to Lawson Add-Ins for Microsoft Office
  • Navigation and logging in to the Addins
  • Query Wizard
  • Inqueries
  • Uploads
  • Advanced Tools
  • Troubleshooting

Implementing Requisition Approval

ProcessFlow (LPA, PFI)

How’d you like to learn to build a simple ProcessFlow in just 30 minutes? Join us for this webinar.
A brief overview of ProcessFlow. The presentation covers:

  • What is ProcessFlow?
  • Introduction to components and terminology
  • Building an actual flow
  • Implementation methodology
  • Troubleshooting

Lawson Custom Development

Whether you’re building a report or a 3rd party interface, there are many tools to choose from. Learn how to choose the right solution for the job.

The presentation covers:

  • Introduction to custom development
  • Different solutions
  • How to choose what tool to use
  • What other factors you should consider
  • QA