Anne Fontaine Transforms its Information Systems by Switching to Infor’s Multi-Tenant Cloud

Infor recently announced that Anne Fontaine, a women’s ready-to-wear and accessories brand, has just opted for Infor CloudSuite Fashion, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution specifically designed for the fashion, textile and luxury industries. Per the press release, this decision is part of a vast project to modernize the company’s information system, aiming to introduce OMS (Order Management System) functionalities such as automated tracking and management of sales, orders, inventory and order fulfillment. Additionally, Anne Fontaine is working on other parallel projects, such as implementing a new customer relationship management (CRM) system, and developing interfaces between Infor’s solution and other applications: These include C-DESIGN PLM software (which organizes product development data into a single, reliable interface for monitoring the progress of a collection), the Magento e-commerce platform, Yourcegid Retail Y2 store management and omnichannel control software, and, eventually, a solution for dematerializing invoices.


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Infor Partners with Foresight Retail to Improve Merchandise and Assortment Planning to Reduce Waste

Infor recently announced a new partnership with Foresight Retail, a leader in delivering merchandise and assortment planning to help fashion brands and retailers improve inventory management and better balance supply to demand. Gary Lalli, Foresight Retail SVP global sales, says of the collaboration, “Working with the team at Infor enables us to offer a solution that supports the needs of fashion businesses, and our combined knowledge and experience will mean that we can provide fashion brands and private brand retailers with not only a quality solution, but also a team that can deliver real business insight and support.” Per the press release, the pain point for fashion brands is that this process is often managed outside the ERP system, making it prone to error and time consuming to manage. The major risk is that the overall planning mechanism is not accurate, leading to inventory excess or shortages. This partnership provides Foresight Retail a more robust fashion offering, with support on merchandise and assortment planning that includes financial planning, range planning for different sales channels, forecasting, inventory allocation and replenishment. Moreover, Foresight Retail’s modern solution offers preconfigured accelerators to cover standard planning needs and help speed deployment.


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American Exchange Group Chooses Infor for ERP Modernization

Infor recently announced that American Exchange Group (AXNY) has selected Infor CloudSuite Fashion, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution specifically designed for apparel, footwear, textile, and fashion accessories companies, to standardize all divisions across the organization and support future growth. American Exchange Group recently acquired two footwear brands, AEROSOLES and White Mountain Footwear Group, making it a priority to consolidate to a single ERP solution. Per the press release, by consolidating to one ERP solution, American Exchange Group will have better integration between systems, standardization across all business units, and more modern capabilities. This new end-to-end solution includes Infor CloudSuite Fashion, Fashion PLM (product lifecycle management), Factory Track, and Infor Birst analytics & reporting. Further, the multi-tenant cloud solution is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and deployed by Infor partner Fortude, a leading global enterprise and digital services company with a strong focus in the fashion industry.


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Serge Blanco Chooses New Fashion ERP to Orchestrate Overhaul of its Entire IT Environment

Menswear brand Serge Blanco (part of LBY from Toulouse family of brands) has chosen Infor CloudSuite Fashion, an ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution specifically designed for the fashion, textile and luxury industries, to partner the project to overhaul its information system and implement a true omnichannel customer journey. Per the press release. Serge Blanco’s other projects such as the overhaul of its e-commerce site, will be interconnected with the Infor solution for end-to-end orchestration of the supply chain. Infor CloudSuite Fashion was chosen for it’s modern, scalable ERP solution with a wealth of functions that did not require any specific development for a very good benefit/cost ratio. Further, Infor CloudSuite Fashion ERP will be connected to five other applications, including expense management, payroll management, the e-commerce site, the multi-brand B2B distance selling platform “The New Black” to which the brand belongs, the WSHOP unified digital commerce SaaS platform, and the cash register management software solution from Polaris.


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Infor Extends Commitment to Sustainability in Fashion with Made2Flow Partnership

Infor recently announced one of their newest partnerships with Made2Flow, a tech company specializing in analysis and validation of environmental data in the fashion industry. Infor and Made2Flow together will support global fashion brands looking to increase transparency of the production supply chain through traceability and impact measurement solutions. Per the press release, consumer-driven interest in the environmental impact of purchases is driving the fashion industry and brand owners towards providing more information on the sustainable credentials of their products. The only way to understand how sustainable different products are is by measuring their environmental impact in relation to CO2, water and other environmental indicators. This is a complex and lengthy process, with tight engagement from brands and their production partners to gather, normalize and validate necessary data. With Infor’s help, Made2Flow can support this process through automating environmental impact calculations, which leverage machine learning to bridge potential gaps, to provide credible and transparent results. Further, Infor’s product lifecycle management (PLM) capabilities will dovetail with the Made2Flow platform, providing crucial data for impact measurement purposes, with the collaboration set to enable fashion companies to continuously measure the environmental impact of products to meet targets and reassure stakeholders.


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Portwest Dresses for Success with Infor

Infor recently announced that workwear manufacturer and distributor Portwest has deployed Infor CloudSuite Fashion in a multi-tenant cloud deployment. This will run on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This upgrade will help Portwest create standardized processes throughout facilities in the United Kingdom, USA, Ireland, Poland, Dubai, Australia, Myanmar, China, Bangladesh, Italy, and Albania. Per the press release, this program most recently saw Portwest deploy the workflow and electronic data interchange (EDI) integration capabilities of Infor CloudSuite to improve collaboration with suppliers and customers. Additionally, Portwest has taken advantage of the Infor CloudSuite capabilities for documents such as pick sheets, invoices, order confirmation, statements, and dispatch notes to enable Portwest to retire inefficient, legacy document management technologies.


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OFFICE Stays One Step Ahead with Infor

OFFICE, a leading-edge fashion footwear specialist and part of Truworths International, has chosen Infor CloudSuite Fashion to align multiple business processes within a unified ERP system. The solution, delivered via multi-tenant cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS), will be deployed by Infor partner Fortude. It will help OFFICE simplify complex processes across merchandising, warehousing, allocations, planning and inventory management for greater business efficiency. Per the press release, OFFICE’s omnichannel model was placing considerable strain on existing IT resources and the business wanted to eradicate inefficiencies while securing real-time business insight to boost decision-making capabilities. “We’re a dynamic business and need systems to match,” says Jon Richens, OFFICE’s managing director. “The solutions from Infor provide simplicity of architecture but with the depth and breadth of industry-specific functionality we need, all at an attractive price point and with the added resilience and agility of the cloud.”


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How Technology is Revolutionizing Different Industry Sectors

Technology has shaped our lives more than ever. From the early days of the first mobile phone to a tablet that can do the work of a phone and computer at the palm of your hands, these developments have revolutionized our way of living. Not only that, in the world of business technology has changed the way we go about our daily operations. It’s no secret that technology has improved business processes and enhanced customer experiences.  Analytics Insight® shares an interesting article on how technology has impacted almost every industry. Below are some notable sectors that have greatly been impacted with the latest tech innovations:

Medicine and healthcare industry – “Medical devices and equipment are constantly being worked on and improved. They’re getting better and better when it comes to improving the health and recovery time of patients. Novelties in genetic testing and medical imaging have significantly improved detection, diagnosis, and treatments. On top of that, we have seen considerable advances in lab tech gadgets.”

Fashion – “Various apps have redefined the way people buy clothes, shoes, and accessories. For instance, there’s an app that allows users to upload photos of clothing items they love and it then shows them where to buy visually similar items in a matter of moments. Moreover, companies have even managed to create virtual fitting rooms. These allow people to better visualize how items might fit them and provide the stores with information on buyers’ preferences to help with personalization.”

Finances and Banking Industry – “The finances and banking industry is becoming more streamlined and efficient thanks to tech innovations and new software tools. Online banking is more present than ever and some even call it the new normal. Paying with a few taps on your mobile screen is now something considered a common routine.”

Education Industry – “Education technology (EdTech) involves the advancement and application of tools to facilitate learning. Educational facilities are seeing a huge transformation where it is no longer required for people to sit in a classroom to learn. There are numerous open online courses featured on platforms such as Udemy or Google Digital Garage. Basically, people can learn just about anything anywhere.”

We need to continue to find ways for technology to help improve our businesses processes. Innovation should be embraced and not turned away in order to be successful in the ever-evolving digital world.


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French Clothing Manufacturer Lemahieu Chooses Infor for Growth

French clothing and underwear designer and manufacturer Lemahieu has chosen Infor’s multi-tenant cloud ERP solution Infor CloudSuite Fashion for implementation. Founded in 1947, Lemahieu was established as a family business with a strong local identity. With its know-how and its responsible brand image, the company has embraced each of the successive revolutions linked to technological innovations, particularly in IT. Per the press release, since the 2019 takeover Martin Breuvart and Loïc Baert, Lemahieu has experienced significant growth, and is engaged in a project to restructure its production processes based on the Infor CloudSuite Fashion solution. Restructuring is necessary for the fashion brand as Lemahieu wishes to better respond to the dynamics of the market and to the requirements of quality and social and environmental responsibility. This is an ambitious project for Infor as the tech giant must demonstrate the ability of an enterprise solution to meet the demanding requirements of a company whose relatively modest size contains an abundance of business processes as numerous as they are complex.


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Zadig&Voltaire Switches to the Cloud with Infor CloudSuite Fashion for its Transformation

Zadig&Voltaire, a French ready-to-wear brand with operations in more than 30 countries around the world, recently decided to switch to the Cloud and deploy Infor CloudSuite Fashion, a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for the management of end-to-end fashion processes. The company’s objective is to move quickly and, to achieve this, to opt for a standard solution that does not require any specific customizations. Per the press release, three main principles guide the implementation of this project: to make simple functional choices to encourage teams to adopt the solution, opt for a standard product to facilitate its maintenance, and redesign processes to adapt them to the tool, thereby aligning the entire organization with market best practices. Alliance partner CGI will accompany Infor on this project.


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