How to set ESS access from an external domain and for custom forms

Step 1: Login to Infor Security Services (ISS)

Step 2: Goto SSO >> Manage Domains and click edit button as shown:

We are simply verifying the names of the displayed XML files:

Step 3: On the LSF server, go to the %LAWDIR%\security\domainauth\EXTERNAL directory to edit that XML


Step 4: Add an entry to an existing tree or create a new one:



That’s all that’s to it.

Creating a better Employee Self-Service Screen in v10

Many v10 Employee Self-Service (ESS) users don’t particularly like the bookmarks bar compared to v9.

A simple fix for this is to make simple modifications to the ESS portal role.

To make this portal role truly a employee self-service screen, limit it further as shown below:

Make sure you also set your product line in options and enable it.  Here are the option settings we use:

Once done, this is what your ESS only users will see:

There is much more to play with here and it is not limited to ESS only, but this is a simple modification.  Enjoy!

Missing Service

We just added a new productline to our environment.  When I go into Employee Self-Service, I get an error message saying, “Error retrieving user profile information.  Contact your system administrator for assistance.”  How can we correct this?

This can happen when the services for the productline were not added to the system.  The service can be added by going to %GENDIR%\install\agents.  For example, D:\lawprod\gen\install\agents.  The directory contains a number of xml files used for different services. In this case, copy the EMPLOYEE.xml file to PROD_Employee.xml.  Edit the file and include the productline in the id attribute.  Once the file has been changed, save it and load it into ssoconfig using:

ssoconfig -l password PROD_Employee.xml

After the file has been loaded, the new service should appear in security administrator.

You can then add the appropriate company and employee number for the user that was getting the error.