Infor Complements its Food & Beverage Industry Cloud Platform with World-Class Route-to-Market Solution from Ivy Mobility

Infor announced at their Infor Food & Beverage Connect event in Chicago of their new partnership with Ivy Mobility in order to strengthen the solution ecosystem for consumer-packaged goods (CPG), food and beverage manufacturing and distributing businesses requiring mobile solutions for direct store delivery (DSD), and merchandizing and in-store operations. Per the press release, Ivy Mobility has its head office in Singapore and has operations in North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. The company has operations in 57+ countries. Ivy Mobility and Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage are considered complementary software solutions. Where Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage manages the customer and product master data, sales order entry, warehousing and accounts receivable, on the other side Ivy Mobility covers the execution of route deliveries, van sales, taking field orders and returns, accepting credit card payments, as well as executing merchandizing and in-store activities. Further, Ivy Mobility also supports route and visit planning, van load and end-of-day van stock reconciliation.


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Sonepar Czech Republic to Make Significant Distribution Process Efficiencies with Infor Cloud Solution

Infor recently announced that Sonepar Czech Republic, a distributor of electrical installation products, solutions and services, will use Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise – the comprehensive cloud solution designed specifically for distribution companies. With this new solution, the company expects to realize significant savings and benefits in the area of distribution. Per the press release, The Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise solution, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), will support Sonepar’s business processes from purchasing to selling, demand planning and forecasting, storage and transportation, customer relationship management and a number of other processes. According to the customer’s estimates, once operational, there should be a 15% reduction in storage and transport costs and a 20% increase in productivity. Moreover, Infor will make it possible to improve warehouse, transport and accounting management, speed up the response to changes in demand and increase customer satisfaction with bid proposals and delivery times.


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Exadis Migrates ERP to the Cloud with Infor and Authentic Group

Infor recently announced that Exadis has decided to migrate its enterprise resource planning (ERP) to the Infor Cloud. Exadis was already relying on the Infor M3 on-premises ERP solution, so their familiarity with the tech giant’s solutions was a huge factor in this renewed partnership with Infor. Per the press release, they will migrate to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud using Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise, Infor Factory Track production automation and the ADS solution from Infor’s partner Authentic Group. A specialist in the logistics of automotive spare parts, Exadis underwent a capital reconstruction in 2019 with the entry of Mobivia Group alongside Renault Group and Groupement des Concessionnaires Renault, GCR. Moreover, at the heart of Exadis’ IT transformation project are a series of business, operational, strategic, environmental, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) challenges that Infor’s solution will address to support the company’s growth. The project kicked off in February 2022, and the cloud solution is expected to go into production — in a complete rollout to all eight Exadis sites — by September 2024.

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How is Cloud Technology Revolutionizing the Healthcare Sector?

The digital age has given the healthcare sector a boost in patient care, big data analysis, and technological innovations. In this modern world, it’s easy for people to find help with any medical concerns – whether it’s via hospital resources online, virtual appointments, or the traditional office visit. The healthcare sector itself on the business side has also found improved methods. Cloud computing especially is the technology to thank for the advancement of many aspects in the healthcare sector. A great article on takes a look at how cloud technology has and is continuing to revolutionize the healthcare sector.

Storage Without limits. “Unrestricted storage is one of the key advantages of cloud technology. Infinite storage brings forth two advantages: scalability and cost savings due to less use of physical storage space.”

Data Restoration. “A backup or data recovery plan should be present because data loss can occur anytime. The cloud is the best option because patient data stored there is protected from natural disasters and abrupt computer processing problems. The ability to store data anywhere at any time makes cloud storage more scalable.”

Improved Productivity. “All data entry and storage processes become quicker, more precise, and more organized when everything is in the cloud. Medical care centers conserve space while lowering the likelihood of human error.”

Numerous Studies & Insights. “Medical research has significantly improved as a result of cloud healthcare. With the help of cloud technology, it is easy to access a wealth of information, and medical personnel can speed up all appointment procedures and processes.”

Remote Cooperation and Medical Care.  “It is now simpler for medical experts to communicate worldwide and collaborate when needed. Retrieving patient medical history data has grown more effortless, and collaboration is now possible and reliable.”


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16 Expert Strategies To Help Companies Minimize Cloud Costs

Shifting your company to the cloud is a cumbersome yet rewarding (if done right) process. In this day and age, the pros -improved security and faster service – certainly outweigh the cons – time and costs – costs being the hardest to sell to decision makers, With careful planning and decision making, you can easily avoid unnecessary expenses and keep your implementation costs under control. 16 Forbes Technology Council Tech Experts share their tips on how to minimize costs when shifting to the cloud.

  1. Establish Governance Models Up Front
  2. Take Advantage Of Cloud-Specific Benefits
  3. Adopt Spot Instances
  4. Follow A Multicloud Design And Build Strategy
  5. Consolidate Cloud-Based Offerings
  6. Invest In Private Access
  7. Dedicate Efforts To Monitoring Cloud Spending And Usage
  8. Establish Clear Visibility Into Application Performance And User Experience
  9. Leverage Resource Modeling And Discovery Tools
  10. Ensure You’re Operating Cloud-Native Systems
  11. Let The Team Decide On ‘Nice To Haves’
  12. Focus On Scalability And Growth
  13. Develop Hot And Cold Storage
  14. Negotiate With Your Cloud Provider
  15. Automate Noncritical Systems Shutdowns
  16. Establish A Rules-Based Archival Strategy


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Is It Time to Replace Your Legacy ERP System?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have been around for decades as a game changing tool to help organizations manage various business processes. We are in the digital age with many of our personal and professional resources being entrusted in the digital space. It’s no surprise that ERP systems have shifted over to the cloud, providing businesses with more accessibility. It’s also no surprise that there are a large number of businesses still running legacy, or on premise, ERP applications. The current pandemic had many people shift to a work from home environment, forcing businesses to create a remote workplace. While the cloud is not a new technology – or the primary choice over on premise  solutions – it became a more appealing solution for the sudden switch to remote/hybrid work spaces. Though not every business realizes when it’s time to switch over. Technology expert Claus Jepsen shares an article on pointing out the signs that will let your know if  your legacy ERP system needs to be replaced – preferrably in the cloud.

  1. You’re spending more time and money modifying the configuration and customization(s) of the ERP to accommodate changes in your business processes.
  2. You’re finding data integrations increasingly complex.
  3. Employees are unhappy with the ERP system.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Gartner coined the term “composable ERP” to describe an ERP approach that incorporates agility and flexibility by integrating multiple applications and platforms. This modern strategy, Jepsen notes, enables mid-sized enterprises to adapt quickly when markets are disrupted (i.e. the COVID-19 pandemic). The cloud makes it possible for businesses to be flexible and control scalability, something the pandemic challenged all of us to consider.

Making the decision to replace your legacy ERP system is only half the battle. Now you’re tasked with finding the right cloud-based solution, determining if it fits in your budget, choosing a reputable vendor, and deciding what tools within an ERP system will increase your overall productivity.  Jepsen concludes when you take all of these factors into consideration, they is a vast savings potential that a modern, cloud-designed ERP can provide, which can be an exciting possibility within a business’s reach.


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Ostseehotel Dierhagen Ready for a Cloud Future

Ostseehotel Dierhagen has recently decided to upgrade to the Infor Hospitality Management Solution (HMS). With this upgrade, Rostock, Germany-based hotel is taking a significant step towards digital transformation and equipping itself for the future. A long-time customer of Infor Starlight on-premise, moving to the cloud is an important step for the company towards the future for the hotel, and will help ensure its competitiveness for the long term. Per the press release, the Infor Sales & Catering module will help streamline processes in the banquet and conferencing area, through automated processes in resource and event management. Additionally, mobile functionalities such as check-in via smartphone and the option to manage housekeeping via mobile devices will significantly increase efficiency. With a cloud-based solution in place, Ostseehotel Dierhagen can now build upon a fully integrated, solution specifically designed to automate the entire event booking process. This in turn will help optimize internal processes and relieve employees from menial duties, allowing them to focus on providing guests with optimal service.


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11 Cloud Technology Predictions for 2022

Cloud technology and cloud usage has grown in importance for our everyday work, school, and personal lives. Despite the ease of use, there are major areas to focus on such as portability and connectivity, on reining in the cost of these elastic services, and on a rebalancing of cloud versus on-prem workloads. Database Trends and Applications (DBTA) writers Joyce Wells and Stephanie Simone share 11 cloud technology predictions from IT leaders for 2022 and the coming years.

  1. Cloud-native apps go to the edge
  2. “The Great Resignation” and IT talent shortage will create a push to cloud adoption
  3. 2022 will see the first public cloud vendor make its services available on another public cloud
  4. Revisiting cloud investments and best practices in 2022
  5. On-prem storage will increase in importance
  6. The marriage of cloud and edge computing
  7. Hybrid (everything) is here to stay
  8. Multi-cloud infrastructures will become mainstream
  9. Hybrid cloud is a reality and a multi-cloud strategy is a no-brainer
  10. The value of multi-cloud will be challenged
  11. A large-scale software supply chain attack will take down a major cloud computing service


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MAWSS Moves its Operations to the Cloud to Drive Sustainable Growth

Mobile Area Water and Sewer (MAWSS) has chosen to upgrade from Lawson S3 to Infor Financials & Supply Management. The Alabama based provider of water and sanitary sewer service has been an Infor customer since 1999, and has trusted Infor to help it digitally transform in the cloud with an updated, modern, strong ERP foundation. Per the press release, MAWSS will apply automated workflows and role-based security to tighten access to sensitive public data and harness the power and responsiveness of the Infor cloud to remain ahead of its competition. Comptroller at MAWSS comptroller Dedra Cassidey comments, “The Infor team has guided us through this transition, leaving nothing unchecked. The new reporting platform with customizable dashboards will allow our users to focus on specific KPIs, contributing to the success of our overall strategic plan.” Upgrading to the cloud will benefit MAWSS from a new modern user experience as new entrants to the workforce demand easy-to-use business applications. Further, it will allow the IT department at MAWSS to focus on value-added tasks rather than tracking when ERP updates are needed and performing the work manually.


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New ERP Solution is the Accelerator for Transformation

Leading global supplier of drive components, SEG Automotive is in the midst of this transformation and is relying on Infor CloudSuite Automotive to take them there. The automotive industry is a fast moving environment with high speeds of transformation and increasing complexity in the networking of hardware and software are leading to the fact that established players have to change to survive in the market — in terms of their product portfolio, their processes, and their digital tools. Per the press release, SEG Automotive chose Infor CloudSuite Automotive as an essential part of its digital transformation to efficiently optimize and manage its business processes on a single global multi-tenant cloud platform. The automotive supplier’s cloud-first strategy enables the standardization of digital business processes to continuously make innovations and extensions available automatically. Further, Infor CloudSuite Automotive enables SEG Automotive to further develop the areas of Internet of Things (IoT) and machine connection and to use integrated EDI functions. Infor partner Merino Consulting Services is supporting the implementation at SEG Automotive locations worldwide. Go-live worldwide is planned by 2023 at the latest.


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