BL vs. BR What are the major differences?

BL vs. BR What are the major differences?

As a summary, BR allows for different billing options that are not only item – Quantity times Price to invoice.

BL allows for creating automatic recurring invoices by running a job that creates the invoices.

BR has jobs that will book the revenue recognition as defined for the contract


Feature / Module BL



(Billing & Revenue Recognition)

Using IC for item tracking Y N
Can bill ad-hoc Items Y N
Can Set up Products for billing Y – in IC Y
Can you Print an Invoice to send to the customer Y Performa only
Interfaces to AR Y Y
Requires Activity Module N Y
Auto Create Revenue Recognition entries N Y
Uses Allocations to create Revenue Recognition Entries Y N
Has an Invoice Entry form that looks like an invoice Y N
Create Recurring Invoices Y for various intervals N
Cost Plus Billing Y – based on pricing Y
Pass Thru Billing Y Y
Time and Materials Billing Y Y
Units of Production Billing Y Y
User-Defined Billing Needs to have an item with Quantity times rate associated with invoiced lines Y
Milestone Billing Y- if there isn’t a system generated trigger for the milestone, any invoice item quantity*Price invoice can be created Y – needs to be triggered by something


Can you have a single BL & AR company and have transactions post to more than one GL company?

The short answer is no.

However, there are some creative ways to accomplish having a single BL & AR company and still booking information to various GL Companies.

Option 1: Using allocations and getting creative with your Process Levels and possibly accounting units, you can move the amounts to various companies using the allocation module.

The AR process Level setup has a default accounting unit that allows you to book all transactions for this process level to the various accounting units and then setting up an allocation to transfer those amounts at the end of each period would allow you to see the AR amounts on your various GL companies in the financial statements.  I would make these allocations auto reversing so that you can show what you need to for financial reporting only.

Option 2: Setup the various AR and BL companies and use the National Account relationship for your processing.  This option will allow everything to book in the correct company, and still allow you to process payments and adjustments, produce various reports, create consolidated aging reports and all other AR reports.

So as often is the case, you can get what you want, you just need to think it through and see if it will work for your needs.