Saudi Lime Selects Infor Cloud to Help Drive Digital Transformation Strategy

Infor recently announced that Saudi Lime Industries Co. (SLIC) has selected Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), to help simplify and automate its business and processes.  Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise will boost SLIC’s ability to optimally meet surging demand for its products, and support Saudi Arabia’s economic diversification in line with the aims of Saudi Vision 2030. Per the press release, SLIC developed a digital transformation strategy called SPARK, which included a plan to simplify its operations, raise efficiency, and capture and analyze valuable data to gain operational and market insights to further improve performance. Further, SLIC selected Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise as its ERP solution because it met these needs and more. The solution is preconfigured for SLIC’s industry-specific needs and will help it achieve a shorter implementation and therefore faster time to value by gaining visibility of its business and transform the processes required to quickly respond to customer, supplier and regulatory needs — with no software customizations required. It also will allow SLIC to integrate with its suppliers, partners and customers, helping it anticipate issues such as supply chain bottlenecks or upcoming changes in demand.


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La Maison Camus Chooses Infor for Global Digital Transformation Plan

Recently, Maison Camus, one of the leading French spirits companies worldwide, has chosen Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage as part of their digital transformation plan. Per the press release, La Maison Camus aims to provide the cognac with a modern, structured tool to manage all activities from manufacturing to sales administration, including accounting and financial management, as well as procurement and stock management, all with increasingly demanding quality monitoring. Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution designed to help food and beverage companies meet changing customer expectations, better manage their supply chains and reduce waste. This solution, with the help of their partners Hetic3 proposing to have all the business and functional expertise in this sector, was decisive in the choice in terms of their ability to support the cognac manufacturer in optimizing and accelerating its activities, without sacrificing any of the level of quality demanded by its customers. The solution will be deployed in January 2024 in a multi-tenant cloud environment powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and will allow the 120 employees dedicated to the cognac activity to concentrate on higher value-added tasks.


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Amazon launches AWS Private 5G

The ever growing giant that is Amazon recently launched a new service in their AWS (Amazon Web Services) division – AWS Private 5G. According to senior writer Paul Sawers at TechCrunch, “AWS has launched a new service designed to help companies deploy their own private 5G networks — eventually, at least.” This means that despite it’s name, AWS Private 5G currently only supports 4G LTE today, with the intentions to support 5G in the future. Sawers notes in terms of costs, it will be similar to their current structure. AWS charges $10 per hour for each radio unit it installs, with each radio supporting speeds of 150 Mbps across up to 100 SIMs (i.e. individual devices). AWS will bill for all data that transfers outwards to the internet, charged at Amazon’s usual EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) rates.

There is no doubt that 5G is the future of connectivity and it will only get better from there. But public 5G, which is what most consumers use with their compatible devices, have limited coverage and the bandwidth may be shared by million of users. With a private 5G, which AWS is offering, Sawers explains that it “uses Citizen Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), a shared 3.5 GHz wireless spectrum that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) authorized in early 2020 for use in commercial environments, as it had previously been reserved for the Department of Defense (DoD). So this update essentially opened CBRS to myriad use-cases, including businesses looking to build new 5G services, or extend existing 4G/LTE services.” This is the key component, he says, of the new AWS private 5G service — it’s fully-integrated into the SAS administration process, with AWS managing everything on behalf of the customer, including taking on responsibility for interference issues among other troubleshooting tidbits relating to spectrum access. It may be some time, however, before the actual 5G service will be offered by AWS, but the platform launch hopes to serve as a promise for the future deployment of the service.


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Lesto Product Steels Itself for an ‘Always Current’ Future in the Infor Cloud

Bulgarian metal products manufacturer Lesto Product recently decided to migrate to Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise, with the help of implementation and Infor Gold channel partner IPL Consulting, to help improve overall business processes. Per the press release, Lesto Product plans to implement Infor OS operating services cloud platform, providing integration to essential capabilities for finite production scheduling and quality control. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) these cloud solutions will help the customer achieve a more efficient execution of business processes and further improve synchronization among departments. Additionally, Lesto is planning to go live with Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise in July 2022. Infor CloudSuite will further help support the automation across the organization, optimizing business processes of sales and procurement, production planning and scheduling, production management, warehousing and finance management.


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EPS Tech Sets its Sight on Success with Infor

EPS Tech, a leading Israeli provider of advanced embedded electronic systems to the defense and industrial markets, recently chose Infor CloudSuite High Tech & Electronics and Infor PLM to improve process efficiencies across the business. Per the press release, the multitenant cloud, enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, which is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), and delivered by Infor’s partner, Intentia Israel, will span all business processes at the firm’s Tzur-Yigal facility. It will deliver real-time visibility and increased collaboration across the end-to-end supply chain. Additionally, EPS Tech went through a thorough assessment of the market and a competitive tender process before choosing Infor CloudSuite High Tech & Electronics for its industry-specific functionality. Further, an integral part of the implementation will be its Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) capabilities, designed specifically for discrete manufacturers, which will be fully integrated into EPS Tech’s production and assembly processes, providing full transparency across the product lifecycle.


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Syapse Partners with Infor to Revolutionize Cancer Care

Syapse, a real-world evidence company dedicated to extinguishing the fear and burden of serious disease by advancing real-world care, has seen recent success with Infor CloudSuite Cloverleaf, built on Amazon Web Services® (AWS). Per the press release, Syapse chose Infor to take data from a wide variety of community health systems and provide insights that can positively influence ongoing patient care. As a data-driven healthcare organization, they rely on compiling real-world evidence that illustrates the entire course of cancer care for patients. With Infor’s help, Syapse can better collect, analyze, and leverage massive amounts of pertinent data that can have significant consequences for patients and healthcare providers. Syapse’s partnership with Infor aims to elevate its three primary operational priorities—compiling and processing data intelligence, using analytics to draw insights, and applying them to patient care. Further, since its implementation, Infor Cloverleaf has provided Syapse’s certified team of tumor registrars with access to patient records that are used to enhance and validate data, creating a curated patient database that’s far more robust in usability and applicability.


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Nogalis, Inc & Other Industry Experts Attend AWS Summit San Francisco

One of the largest technology events kicked off for the Spring – the AWS Summit in San Francisco, CA. Nogalis, Inc., as well as other industry experts in the cloud computing space, had a front row experience at what AWS has in store.

AWS Summit San Francisco welcomed industry leaders, partners and experts on a two-day immersive experience – discovering how AWS can help you innovate quickly and deliver flexible, reliable solutions at scale. Attendees of the event get first access to the latest news from AWS leaders, learn new skills, and network with industry peers. Per the AWS website, “Over the two days, attendees will be able to hear from AWS experts, customers, and partners on how to leverage the cloud computing technology and learn the technology with interactive content.”

This year’s keynote speaker Swami Sivasubramanian – Vice President of Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning Services, Amazon Web Services – shared some exciting innovations that can make AWS the best place to run your applications, while also making better, faster decisions with your data. AWS is delivering and developing the next generation of cloud infrastructure to transform your business. While AWS is regarded as the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform, Sivasubramanian made a powerful statement regarding the future of this platform, indicating there is more to come. “AWS, despite 11 straight years of being the leader in the magic quadrant still believes it’s still early days.”

Keynote Speaker Swami Sivasubramanian address a forward thinking attitude regarding the state of AWS – “It’s still early days.”

AWS’s flexibility to run any application is the driving factor as to why Nogalis has successfully integrated this cloud platform to their business services. Being part of this event, our AWS knowledge and expertise continues to stay cutting edge as our software engineers will utilize the vital material learned from this experience to harness the power of big data, and put it to work for our customers, gaining a greater business advantage.



NTM Set for Success with Infor

Finnish engineering leader Närpes Trä & Metall (NTM) recently decided to partner with Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise to help unify and standardize its complex operational and manufacturing processes across the globe. Per the press release, the system, which will be delivered via multi-tenant cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS), will be deployed by local Infor partner Midport Scandinavia, beginning at NTM’s headquarters in Närpes, Finland, and then rolling out across the group’s other sites in Russia, Sweden, Estonia, Germany, the UK, Canada and the United States. NTM develops, manufactures, sells and maintains transport equipment for heavy goods vehicles and refuse and recycling material collection vehicles, engineered-to-order to meet the demands of a varied customer base. They were looking for a solution to bring a commonality to its processes across all business sites, with the goal of unifying and standardizing systems to create a platform for pursuing further growth. A multi-tenant cloud deployment was also a crucial factor in NTM’s decision, ensuring the business can benefit from continual updates with minimal administrative burden on the in-house IT team, as well as enabling the swift on-boarding of new entities.


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Valley View Casino & Hotel Partners with Infor for Digital Transformation

Valley View Casino & Hotel, Southern California’s premier gaming destination, recently decided to expand its 17-year technology partnership with Infor and move its core business applications to the cloud. Infor CloudSuiteTM applications, specifically Infor’s cloud-based financial, supply chain management and budgeting applications, will help Valley View to connect siloed applications, reduce manual processes and make more-informed business decisions. Per the press release, this upgrade will benefit Valley View upgrade from on-premises applications to the cloud. The organization will immediately benefit from a more modern interface, quick user experiences and deeper industry functionality that will provide business leaders with more thorough analytics, new insights and real-time data to make decisions quickly to improve bottom-line results. Further, Valley View will implement Infor CloudSuite solutions created specifically for the hospitality industry to better support financials, supply management, purchasing, inventory, budgeting and analytics. Infor will provide networked analytics and a best-in-class user experience augmented by artificial intelligence, making daily tasks easier and more intuitive. Additionally, Infor’s innovative cloud technologies which are built on Amazon Web Services® (AWS) will provide Valley View with increased operational efficiency and greater visibility when it comes to key business data.


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Portwest Dresses for Success with Infor

Infor recently announced that workwear manufacturer and distributor Portwest has deployed Infor CloudSuite Fashion in a multi-tenant cloud deployment. This will run on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This upgrade will help Portwest create standardized processes throughout facilities in the United Kingdom, USA, Ireland, Poland, Dubai, Australia, Myanmar, China, Bangladesh, Italy, and Albania. Per the press release, this program most recently saw Portwest deploy the workflow and electronic data interchange (EDI) integration capabilities of Infor CloudSuite to improve collaboration with suppliers and customers. Additionally, Portwest has taken advantage of the Infor CloudSuite capabilities for documents such as pick sheets, invoices, order confirmation, statements, and dispatch notes to enable Portwest to retire inefficient, legacy document management technologies.


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