Tefron Deploys Infor ERP Across All Global Operations

Infor recently announced that Tefron, developer and manufacturer of lingerie and sportswear, has completed an enterprise resource planning (ERP) deployment of Infor M3. The ERP solution, which includes a friendly and convenient user interface, provides capabilities for managing the development and design of new collections, raw material procurement, regulatory compliance, full supply chain visibility, one-to-one production and financial management. Infor partner Intentia Israel assisted Tefron with their implementation. Infor M3 went live across all of the company’s locations with all new components of Infor M3 (version 13.4) embedded in the system. The system is live for more than 100 users across production and distribution centers in Israel, USA, Canada and China. Infor ION (Intelligent Open Network) was included, which enables fast and east integration of Infor solutions and other enterprise solutions.  Tefron will also embed the Infor OS central operating platform later, which enables the management of all solutions and tools under one synchronized, easy-to-use interface.


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