How To Make 1:1 Meetings A Win-Win For Everyone Involved

One-on-one meetings can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Having the opportunity to sit down and discuss things with your manager is a chance to be heard, but also a time to be constructively criticized should the meeting turn south fast. Often times the success of a personal meeting is due to the agenda or purpose of such interaction. Poor planning or miscommunication can turn a meeting cold, while goal setting and scheduling makes for an effective and efficient use of time. Some folks at Trello decided to do something about one-on-one meetings so each one moving forward would be a “win-win”. Ben Clark shares how he utilizes Trello boards to manage such meetings because it is a process to keep every party involved and connected. The simplicity of the Trello board makes it an attractive option, and Ben shares the reasons why below.

  • “To Discuss”: The Place for Topics – This is useful for a few reasons because there is always a place to quickly add topics, it builds an agenda for your 1:1 meeting, and it gives the other person a heads up about what you want to talk about.
  • “Ongoing”: For Topics That Need a Followup – Cards sitting in ongoing is an easy reminder that there needs to be some follow up. Real time updates and due dates can be added, ensuring you don’t miss deadlines.
  • “Growth”: Quick Check-Ins On Growth Areas – Having their growth goals on your board is a great reminder of what they are, and it makes it easy for us to quickly check-in on how they’re going every now and then.
  • “Discussed”: Logs Previous Discussions – It can be helpful to reference topics from older discussions for other projects. It can also be a great place for to come back and review past discussions or accomplishments when working on a self-assessment!


Original post by Barry Clark from Trello.

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