Proactive CRM Strategy Will Guide The Future Of Travel For Millennials

Millennials these days are quickly transitioning from a mindset of “consumer” to “prosumer” (someone who proactively takes steps towards co-creation of the products they use, the services they want, and the brand experiences they are looking for). Brands that have embraced this prosumer new era into their customer relationship management (CRM) strategy are experiencing increased customer loyalty from millennials. Airlines have a long standing reputation of being very difficult with their customer service and changing travel policies. With a simple proactive step in building a relationship with their millennial audience, they too would reap the benefits of being highly looked at by this generation.

The more engaged a brand is in the well-being of their customers, rather than just profiting off of them, the more brand loyalty and affinity millennials will develop for that company. And with a generation who embraces travel more than anyone, airlines should see a positive outlook with traveling millennials.


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