Nogalis Inc. Attends Midwest Lawson User Group Annual Conference

Midwest Lawson User Group (MWLUG) is a social gathering of specialists that come together with the purpose of exchanging knowledge with fellow IT and business professionals. Their annual conference was held at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota; attracting almost 300 attendees and 27 vendors with its elegant architecture and garden-like domain. The two-day event consisted of multiple workshops available that focused on Lawson solutions, including the Nogalis session. Nogalis had over 60 attendees at their workshop alone, accomplishing what no other vendor could by attracting twice as many attendees to their workshop.

Nogalis shared their expert knowledge by showcasing their own products regarding Lawson attachment screens and search query functions. Nogalis’ primary product included the attachment servlet. This attachment servlet has high benefits such as being upgrade friendly, attaching files, documents and images to any Lawson portal screen, single click attachment as well as no database needed and it also works with Lawson security. In addition to the attachment servlet was the TypeAhead function, which dramatically increases productivity and is available on all key fields through any screen; it also has contextual real-time search, google-like predictive record retrieval and eliminates the need to search or filter.

Although this information is essential, sitting through multiple IT informative sessions can be tiresome. Nogalis did a remarkable job of keeping an energetic and happy vibe environment by incorporating music as well as games and raffle tickets to Rod Stewart, Santana and the Minnesota Twins for those who wanted to interact with Nogalis. There were also several participants during these sessions that had previously attended Nogalis’ much talked-about ‘Infor 10x Upgrade Bootcamp’, which only added to the continued buzz and excitement that Nogalis is bringing to the industry.