IP Designer Series – User Action Node – Action Task

Before you can assign work to users in the User Action node, you will need to create the appropriate tasks and add users to those tasks.

*Before you perform this process, you will require Process Server Administrator access.

Log into Rich Client and navigate to Start > Applications > Process Server Administrator > User Configuration > Tasks.

Click Actions > Create, or click the “new” button. Give the task a name, description, and select the inbasket you want the users of that task to have (default “Standard Inbasket”).

To add users to your task, you must first make sure the users exist in the user configuration. Navigate to Start > Applications > Process Server Administrator > User Configuration > Users. Search for your users that need the new task. If they do not exist, click the “new” button or Actions > Create to add them (they must be existing Landmark users).

On the Tasks screen, at the bottom left, Click Actions > Create to add users to the task. Search for your user, give them a start date of when you want the task to be effective, and an end date if the task is temporary for this user. Click “Filter Is Enabled” if you plan to use filters on this task. Select a notify option.

In your IPA process, you can add the tasks on the User Action node. This will determine who is notified (and who should take action) when that node is processed.

IP Designer Series – User Action Node – Action Subject

One of the properties options for a User Action node is “Action Reason”. You can require that the approver enter a subject, reason code, and comment. Before you set up the User Action Node, you will want to create your Action Subject in Rich Client. It is important to note that the user creating Action Subjects must have a role with the GlobalUIConfigAccess_ST security class.

Once you have the proper security, log into Rich Client and switch to the data area for which you are creating the subject. Go to Start > Configure > Application. Select “DataArea”.

Click “Add Subject” and give your subject a name.

After you add your subject, you can add it as a Reason Subject on the actions for your User action Nodes.

IP Designer Series – User Action Node

The User Action Node is typically used for Approval Flows. It is uses with the IPA inbasket to allow users to take action on items as part of an automated process.

Select the task associated with the user action (this must be configured in IPA Rich Client prior to creating your user action node).

Configure actions associated with this task (such as “Approve” or “Reject”)

Decide when the action should proceed

Configure the timeout settings

Configure the notification settings

Configure the displays for various platforms

Decide if/how reminders will be handled