Infor Lawson Query Wizard Troubleshooting

We had trouble with the Infor Lawson Query Wizard either timing out or returning a “No Data Found” message when loading in a .dme query.

This is a compiled list of troubleshooting suggestions for the Query Wizard found on Nogalis presentations/Infor documentation/Lawsonguru forums.

1. Limitations of the Query Wizard

  1. “No Data Found” Message

  1. Try increasing Data Response Timeout value to 9999 (min 30 max 9999) in Set User Preferences (green/yellow arrows)

If this fails, try experimenting with the different options for When encountering error messages

  1. On the Criteria tab, try changing Maximum Primary Records to Return to 0 (default 600, max 65520, 0 defaults to max 65520) and Maximum OTM Values to Return (max 600) fields

  1. Troubleshooting tips from Nogalis LawsonMSAddins PowerPoint

IIS Manager “Web Platform Installer” Troubleshooting

IIS Manager “Web Platform Installer” Troubleshooting

Nearly all guides regarding installing PHP in IIS recommend using the Web Platform Installer as it will take care of all the additional installs/configurations associated with PHP.

The Error:
When attempting to install PHP through Web PI, this RunPHP Helper error occurs, which stops all of the following installs as well:

This occurs because IIS attempts to download RunPHP Helper from using Internet Explorer (IE). Unfortunately, Internet Explorer has issues accessing that site even if it will work perfectly fine in Chrome or other browsers.

The Solution:
Open IE and click the gear icon in the upper right and go to “Internet Options”:

Click on the “Advanced” tab:

Enable all the TLS options and click OK:

Test it out by visiting using IE. If the page loads, the Web Platform Installer in the IIS Manager should now be able to install RunPHP Helper.

Troubleshooting BSI Database Connection during Install

Your install is successful, but when you log on to the BSI Interface (Screen Print #1) you receive an error (Error Message. Exception is: org.apache.tomcat.dbcp.dbcp.SQLNestedException: Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory (Login failed for user ‘tf10’. ClientConnectionId:f0509232-la4c-4d22-b118-785e9ba8eee5). See Screen Print #2

You will receive this error if your SQL database is configured with a Named Instance. The Named Instance should be configured with a static port. You should not use the default port (1433) when installing the BSI Client even though your ODBC will connect successfully with the default port. Please see article on assigning a static port for SQL Server named instance: (

Screen Print #1

Troubleshooting BSI Database Connection during Install-1


Screen Print #2

Troubleshooting BSI Database Connection during Install-2