HR Group Enhances Hotel Revenue Management with Infor

Infor recently announced that HR Group has implemented Infor EzRMS revenue management software to optimize revenue and time management within their chain hoping to result in faster and more effective analyses and future forecasts to increase its revenue. Primarily operating in Europe and partnered with AcoorHotels, Dorint Hotels & Resort and Wyndham Hotel Group, HR Group’s optimal management of such a number of properties requires an efficient organisation. The HR Group is implementing Infor EzRMS revenue management software, enabling employees at various levels to access important data at any time and maintain the hotel group’s high service standards. Infor EzRMS offers a detailed forecast and reporting system that provides in-depth analytics and future forecasts. Additionally, Infor Hospitality offers ready to use scalable solutions that deliver measurable results – for hotels groups of all sizes. With flexible solutions, hoteliers can choose to run the software in the cloud, on-premise, or a combination of both.


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Infor Continues to Enrich Customer Experience with Infor Concierge Portal

The latest iteration of Infor’s Customer service solution, Infor Concierge, boasts more power along with a better user experience with its look and feel. Designed to provide holistic access to relevant Infor resources, the latest version of Infor Concierge incorporates direct feedback and comprehensive research to help ensure this iteration has the voice of the customer infused throughout. This new release is more intuitive than ever with a redesigned user interface and enhanced capabilities including full mobile access, a personalized news feed, access to Infor Services project details, a single sign-on to the Infor Campus training site, and self-help guides designed to help customers navigate the system more easily. Infor’s chief customer officer Susan Beal comments, “Streamlining customer experiences is a top priority for us, which is directly reflected in this iteration of Infor Concierge… designed to give customers the tools to find relevant information about their Infor services and solutions, which can help eliminate unnecessary calls and emails and which can help them solve business problems faster. As our customers’ enterprise software partner, we want to ensure that every touch point our customers have with us is valuable. We’re thrilled to deliver the new Infor Concierge.”


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APP Group, Mackage and SOIA & KYIO Select Infor for its Digital Supply Chain Transformation

Infor recently announced that APP Group, major luxury outerwear retail giant, has selected Infor Retail CloudSuite to support their exponential growth and global expansion. APP Group manages two global leading brands, Mackage and SOIA & KYO, and will implement Infor CloudSuite Fashion Suite, Infor Demand Planner, Infor Nexus, and Birst analytics to aid in accelerating its direct-to-consumer expansion. APP Group will modernize and consolidate their multiple ERPs with CloudSuite Fashion and leverage the modern, connected platform via Infor Nexus to support growth across their various direct to consumer channels, wholesale, store growth and eCommerce. Donna Lisk, Chief Financial Officer at APP Group, comments that as their business is rapidly expanding, their need for a modernized IT foundation will be invested in Infor’s ERP and supply chaing solutions. This partnership, Lisk hopes, will “help provide the transformation our organization needs to drive agility, improve our time to market for new products and expand globally.”


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Infor Releases New Solution Designed to Transform Price Management for Retailers

Infor’s newest cloud-native price management solution, Infor Price Management (IPM) has been officially released. The newest addition to the Infor Retail sector, Infor Price Management (IPM) is scalable, self-serviceable, and configurable, and serves as “one version of the truth” for price: evaluating prices, identifying conflicts and preventing leakage across applicable selling channels.  It enables retailers to focus on the creation of proprietary pricing models, identifying relevant sources of market intelligence, and differentiating their position in the market through value-based pricing. In addition, Infor Price Management permits retailers to bring together prices from disparate sources into a single execution platform for transparency across the organization – with the goal of eliminating conflicts and reducing price leakage.


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Getting the version of important Lawson interfaces

Interface versions are important when debugging an issue. This way you can check whether or not a patch exists that addresses the issue or if Infor is assisting you with the problem and needs a starting point.


Some of the most common ones needed are:

  • Lawson System Foundation (ILSF)
  • Security Jar files (secLS)
  • Infor Landmark (ILMRK)
  • Distributed Security Package (DSP)


Its quite simple as long as you have access to LID, Infor Security Services (cloud) and Landmark Command Line (cloud) access.


Starting with LID:

  • For Lawson System Foundation (ILSF) version run command: univver lawsec.jar
  • For Security Jar files (secLS), change directory to %GENDIR%/java/thirdparty and run this command: univver secLS.jar
  • For Distributed Security Package (DSP), change directory to %LAWDIR%/lss/system
    • Type command: lashow install.log
    • This will display the inside of the file, you can copy the version or export as needed.

Infor Security Services (ISS):

  • Click the lower case “i” on the upper right-hand corner of the page

Landmark Command Line (ILMRK):

  • Simply type univver -V


That’s all there is to it!


Norled Sets Sail for Digital Transformation with Infor

Norled AS, one of Norway’s largest ferry and express boat operators, has invested in Infor CloudSuite Human Capital Management (HCM) to help reduce costs, instill greater agility in responding to staff changes, and expedite HR processes and improve compliance. Infor was chosen over 17 potential partners as it was the only provider to deliver full workforce management functionality to assist in the strategic scheduling of staff. Norled manages drastically different staffing requirements as each boat is effectively its own business, needing different competencies, skills and personnel. Their in-house software and pre-built Excel worksheets require a large degree of manual interaction, consuming time and exposing Norled to risk. By replacing these systems with Infor CloudSuite HCM and integrating workforce planning and scheduling into self-service facilities on each boat, Norled expects to realise cost management savings, be more agile in securing the right staff for a specific vessel when responding to staff illness and holidays, and ensure full compliance with strict Norwegian maritime regulations.

Norled expects to roll out their first phase and go live in early 2020.


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How to Resolve Workunits Sitting in Ready Status

Problem: Workunits for Infor Process Automation are sitting in Ready Status and not processing.

1.  Via LmrkGrid (Grid Management), determine how many workunits may simultaneously process in your system. (see attached “DeterminingSimultaneous.docx”)

  1. Determine how many workunits are currently in a processing state.

NOTE:  Please refer to attachment “DeterminingSimultaneous.docx” for instructions on determining simultaneous processes.  In case you will need to engage support, you should screenshot this information to provide when you open the support incident.


– Command to count records in Ready Status:  dbcount <DATAAREA> -f Status=\”1\” PfiWorkunit

– Command to count records in Processing Status:  dbcount <DATAAREA> -f Status=\”2\” PfiWorkunit

– Command to count records in Completed Status:  dbcount <DATAAREA> -f Status=\”4\” PfiWorkunit


It is a good idea to monitor and take counts of these records periodically. Are the number of workunits in Ready status growing? Are the number of workunits in Completed status growing? Is the number of workunits in Processing status equal to the maximum number workunits that can simultaneously process?

NOTE: If the number of workunits in Ready Status is growing and the number of workunits in completed status is not, then either:

  1. You have workunits that processing for a very long time holding up the system; use the Grid Management UI to determine which workunits are processing so long and determine if those are stuck in a loop; or if they are just processing normally large jobs. Consider cancelling the long running workunits, and scheduling them to run in off business hours.
  2. If you are on Landmark 10.1.0.x, there was a bug in this version of Landmark that periodically caused Async to stop picking up new workunits. This issue was resolved by a re-write of Asnyc and LPA nodes in 10.1.1.x Landmark versions. If you are on Landmark 10.1.0.x you should restart the Async Node, and the IPA node.

NOTE: The workunits that were already queued to an LPA node will not automatically start back up;  the workunit polling frequency (default 30 minutes) will need to trigger before they are requeued to a new LPA node.

Troubleshooting: Rich Client workunit log too large to extract

Depending on the process run, Rich Client workunit logs can grow extremely large. So large in fact that you may not be able to extract the full log from the Landmark Rich Client.

If a workunit log grows too large you may not be able to extract the full log from the Landmark Rich Client,  in this case you can use the following command to extract the log from a Landmark Command Prompt.

What Is the Landmark Command Prompt?
The Landmark administrator will perform many tasks from a command prompt. When you are instructed to use a Landmark command prompt, you should be sure you are in the Landmark Environment that you want to use, and that all environment variables are set correctly.

Setting Environment Variables
Before you startBefore you perform this procedure, be sure that the /etc/lawson/environment/environmentName/ file contains the appropriate settings for environment variables.


Use this procedure to export the appropriate environment variables for your Landmark Environment before issuing commands from a Landmark command prompt.

To set the Landmark Environment variables

At a command prompt, type

. cv landmark-env-name

Where landmark-env-name is the name of the Landmark Environment.


dbexport -C -f “PfiWorkunit=####” -o . -n <dataarea> PfiWorkunit


dbexport -C -f “PfiWorkunit=7000” -o . -n prod PfiWorkunit

Syufy Enterprises Selects Infor to Build More Successful Teams

Syufy Enterprises, a leading entertainment and leisure company that owns a variety of businesses, including high-end athletic clubs and spas, restaurants, golf venues, shopping centers, public markets and drive-in theaters, has decided to deploy Infor Talent Science to build more successful teams. Utilizing Infor solutions at its VillaSport Athletic Club and Spa division, Syufy will gain access to tools to predictively link behavioral data to real business outcomes. The cloud-based application Infor Talent Science helps drive better business performance through hiring, developing, and retaining the right people. With it, VillaSport will be better prepared to reduce turnover of its hourly employees, improve the quality of hires, and identify career paths for both applicants and existing employees. By elevating the hiring process with data science to find the right employee for the right position, the organization will be able to improve customer experiences while also driving more memberships throughout the club.


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5 needs your technical documentation should address

Here at Nogalis we perform managed service for several dozen enterprise customers. Most of our customers are either using Lawson V10 on premise or Infor CloudSuite products in the cloud. Our customers vary in their level of complexity but they almost all have several custom interfaces that support the operation of their businesses. Most of these interfaces are built with IPA (Infor Process Automation) or with ION which are both Infor supported products. Here are some examples just to name a few:

  • Positive pay interfaces to banks
  • Invoice import interface
  • Vendor creation interface
  • Automated user provisioning
  • Employee benefits exports and imports
  • COBRA interface
  • Batch job automation
  • Invoice or Purchase Order Approval interfaces
  • Journal entry imports

And many more

Many of these interfaces were designed and developed years ago and have been modified several times since. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the documentation that was once made for them if any. In an upcoming webinar and subsequent article, I plan to discuss how to develop accurate, useful, and easy to maintain documentation. But in this article, I want to focus on the reasons why we need these documents because without knowing why we do something, we’re not likely to do it right. The reasons below serve as guidelines for our documentation:

Reason 1 – Supporting the interfaces. This is the primary reason for creating good documentation. The goal of the any documentation should be that anyone can read it from start to finish and be able to support the existing process when it breaks. Therefore, one of the first things we do for our new managed service customers is to create detailed documentation of all their interfaces on our DOCR documentation portal and give them access to it. You can see some examples here. What’s nice about storing these documents on a web portal is that there is a central place for keeping them updated that everyone can contribute to. For support reasons, we make sure that we have a troubleshooting and a recovery section in each of our interface documents.

Reason 2 – Updates and enhancements. We’re routinely asked to update and enhance existing interfaces. While we can dig through the entire code of the interface to find out what every piece does, it is always helpful if some documentation exists that has an overview of the different components of the interface.

Reason 3 – Change Control. As we make changes to interfaces over the years, it is important to document these changes for change control purposes. Having a web-based documentation portal makes it easy to do this as it is the only version of the document that exists, and it is always updated with the latest changes.

Reason 4 – Application upgrades. As we upgrade our large enterprise applications, we always must study the impact of the upgrade on any custom interfaces that we have. The only way to do this quickly is to review the documents and specifically focus on any sections focusing on dependencies, and general data flow. Having proper documentation during an upgrade process can make the difference between a 1 month upgrade and a 6 month upgrade.

Reason 5 – Training and new hires. We pride ourselves in our one-to-one client to resource ratio in our managed service group. That means that for every new managed service customer, we add at least one new member to our team. This new team member goes through a rigorous training that includes reviewing all existing client documentation. This is an indispensable tool for our team as well as any client newhires.

If you need help creating your interface documentation, or to subscribe to our DOCR documentation portal, please contact us here.