Infor and Mashfrog Join Forces for Fashion & Industrial

Infor’s latest channel partner is with Mashfrog, an IT and digital services company based in Italy. The partnership is designed to help manufacturers in both the fashion and industrial industries in Italy to modernize through technology and pursue digital transformation programs. Mashfrog will have access to the Infor CloudSuite Fashion (based on Infor M3) and combined with the company’s service delivery credentials, it will help local businesses to capitalize on digitization, drive performance and expand market share. “Infor’s continued innovation and cloud first strategy is impressive and we are delighted to join forces with them to consolidate our proposition for the Italian market,” comments Federico Zuin, Mashfrog Group CEO. “Fashion and apparel companies face huge challenges and complexity, but through making the best decisions about where to invest in digital capabilities, they stand to win market share in what has become a global mega industry. Infor’s cloud first strategy combined with deep domain functionality and industry expertise, together with our credentials, industry knowledge and experience in service delivery, mean that we have an impressive proposition to take to the Italian market.”


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French Frames Manufacturer Morel Chooses Infor M3 Fashion ERP to Support its International Expansion

In 2016, French family-owned eyeglass frame company Morel selected Infor to assist them in implementing a centralized, modern, reliable and scalable information system with Infor M3 Fashion solutions. Continuing with their international expansion, Morel is extending the services of the IT giant to nine subsidiaries abroad. Infor’s M3 specialist partner Hetic 3 took charge of the project from the commercialization phase, to replace a home-made solution whose flexibility and functionalities no longer suited Morel’s ambitions. Morel’s international growth strategy called for the company to select a tool that could be deployed in each of its regions, to adhere to local laws and obligations, and to communicate with headquarters efficiently. “A customer like Morel perfectly illustrates our ability to respond to very specific requests with a dedicated solution,” says Laurent Jacquemain, senior vice president and general manager, Southern Europe, Infor. “With Hetic 3, we have been able to set up a progressive deployment project, first in the home market of Morel, then internationally, with deployment in nine territories abroad between now and 2021 that will help Morel to manage its activities with efficiency and agility.”

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Infor to enable to supply chain transformation at Vida Shoes

International shoe seller Vida is the newest of Infor’s partners for 2018. The retail shoe company will deploy Infor CloudSuite Fashion, offering access to industry specific analytics with critical metrics and key performance indicators to end-users through a unique user interface that utilizes Infor ION and Infor Ming.le. These enhancements support global value chains by allowing users to view real-time data in a fully integrated business solution. Additionally, the CloudSuite will deliver tools to bring products to market faster and finish faster – a few days compared to weeks (sometimes months) – linking every step in the product development process, helping to reduce errors, costs, and time. Infor’s collaboration tools will allow Vida communicate more effectively across the supply chain, and connect more closely to partners, while supplier self-service functionality will provide the teams with up-to-date real-time information.


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